Gender And Identity

The Day In The Life Of a Teenage White Male

Gender (Male)

Being a teenage male in today's society, older adults view us as trouble makers. And people that like to start things and pass around common High School drama. They also view us as the types that always like to either participate or start fights. Some teenage males are also very sporty and participate in sports or extra activities that involve sports. They are also presumed as slim and sorta but not really "Buff" and fit. Compared to me this stereotype is completely off of what I am. I am not sporty,or buff, nor do I like to start or cause trouble how ever I will admit I do joke a lot. Deep down I have a very kind heart. With a care and loved filled heart and respect for others and everyone I meet. Although I may be boring at first, its not the persons fault its mine. Sense I take awhile to really open up and show my " True Colors".

In Twelfth Night Sir Toby is a middle aged white male. Even though Sir Toby is Lady Oliva's cousin, he is never really forced to uphold that right and or act appropriate. Throughout the story he is always the same person. Getting drunk and having a blast with Sir Andrew at times. Although he also does play along in the Malviolo prank that wasn't suppose to go as far as having Malviolo incarcerated,he begs Maria and the fool to end this madness. As he is actually tired of the prank and wished it was over already. Since Sir Toby is a male, he doesn't have to act like a well mannered and sophisticated women. He can act like a middle aged man. Which involves drinking if he chooses too and also partying. Since Sir Toby does not have a job in the household, he is never forced to act his age or act appropriate. He always acted the same through out the play.


My identity can be like other people viewed in many different ways. Some people see me as a nerd or a geek and other see me as a joker. Depending on how you look at a individual your opinion about them can change drastically. Mostly people look at me as a computer driven individual. I am always up for helping people with computer and technology issues. Its something that my aunt inspired me to do years ago when she was a project manager with a company called EPIC. And here I am now helping when I can and getting more experience under my belt for the future and I love it.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Sir Toby is Olivia's Uncle. He is a poor man but he also knows how to party and have fun. He is always portrayed as the jokester character in Twelfth Night. Which related to me because i always try to be funny while I am around my friends and also while in a group. I am always trying to make people laugh, and my main goal is just to have fun. However I am not exactly like Sir Toby in the fact that he is sometimes a jerk and can be rude to people. Although Sir Toby has this one difference between me and him, I still feel that I can relate to him the best out of all the rest of the characters in the play, When Sir Toby says " I'll Drink to her as long as there's a hole in my heart and booze in Illyria" (I.iii.33-38).pg.2 it proves his tolerance for wanting to drink by saying how he would drink to Oliva or anyone basiclly just as long as he has a throat and ale in the town.


My peers and classmates see me as a funny and jokester type of individual. How ever I am also very shy and depending on the type of person I am with,that trait may or may not stick out more or less. Like if I am around a very loud and around a person that likes to express them selves a lot. I'll be more shy then if I am around a person that is kinda normal in that sense. Quiet but knows when and not when to speak. I and other such as other students and teachers see me as tech savvy. Which is a nice touch to my self esteem because that's what I want my profession to be. And if not that then I would like to be a police officer.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Sir Toby as a drunk and as a jerk. He has quite the reputation in Twelfth Night. A lot of the characters in the play see him as loud and obnoxious. Especially when he is accompanied by his good friend Sir Andrew. Combined him and Sir Andrew both know how to raise the roof on Lady Oliva's household. Maria even said " By my troth, Sir Toby, you must come earlier o' nights. Your cousin my lady, takes great exceptions to your ill hours" (i.iii.4-6).pg.1 She is stating that Sir Toby's partying on late night has got to come to an end. She is also saying indirectly that he is always partying at night and is being utterly obnoxious to her lady and or Sir Toby's cousin Lady Olivia.