Whitney Houston Resilience

By: Janiah Lomax

A Little Bio

Whitney Houston Drug Addiction Cause A Lot Of Pain To Her And Her Family , But , Throughout The Years Of Her Drug Addiction She Would Show All Types Of Resilience . That Makes Her The Great Women She Is To This Day !!

RIP Whitney Houston !

Whitney Houston Drug Addiction !

Whitney Houston Was Known For Doing Her Drugs Around Her Daughter " Bobbi Kristina Brown " . Whitney and Bobbi Were Supposed Seen Smoking Crack In There Car by There Driver And Kristina Was In The Car At The Time Too . So With That Being Said Whitney Would Smoke And Do Drug Around Her Daughter , But At The End Her Resilience Is That She Went To Rehab , Stop Doing Drugs Around Her Daughter And Got Better For Her Daughter.

Whitney Houston Funny Moments

....More About Whitney Houston Drug Addiction

- Most Think That Bobby Brown Got Whitney Start On Drugs But It Really Wasn't Him. It Was Her Brother Michael Houston . In A Quote He Said " We Was Always , You Know , Being Together Most Of The Time , And Her Following Behind Me -- I Taught Her How To Drive . We Played Together-- Into Drugs , You Do That Together Too, And It Just Out Of Hand ". So Her Brother Got Her Started On Smoking Things And Stuff Like That , But Her Resilience Is That Her And Her Brother Stop Talking For A Good Minute And You Know With The Shows and Practicing She Didn't Have Any Time To Think About Drugs. So Right There She Stop Doing Drugs For A Long Time .

The Effect Whitney Houston Had With Her Drug Addiction .

1. The Biggest Effect Was That Whitney Died In A Hotel Bathroom .

2. She Couldn't Singing Sometime At Her Shows Because She Was So Gone Off The Drugs

3. People Look At Her Different .