By Blake Tammaro

Background Information

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia and some other major cities are São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. Brazil was once controlled by a country and that country was Portugal. But on September 7, 1822, Portugal had given to Independence to Brazil.
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Geographical Information

Brazil is located in South America and some physical features in South America are the Amazon river, Amazon Rainforest, Iguazu Falls, Mount Roraima, Brazilian Highlands,etc.

Political and Diplomacy Information

The type of government that Brazil has is a Federal Republic and their Leader is Dilma Rouseff. The country is not on good terms because there is an uncontested boundary between Brazil and Uruguay over the Brazilian Island.

Economic and Trade information

The currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real and their Economic System is Capitalism. Brazil imports machinery, electrical and transport equipment,chemical products, oil, automotive parts, and electronics. They import goods from China, USA, Argentina, Germany, and South Korea. They export Transport equipment, iron ore, soybeans, footwear, coffee, and autos. Brazil exports from China, USA, Argentina, and the Netherlands.

Tourist Information

People should visit Brazil because there are a lot of beautiful features in Brazil that you can't see in other places. Some suggestions of what people can see and do is go to the Amazon river and rainforest. They should also see the city of Rio De Janeiro.
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CIA World Factbook