Adrian Peterson

As fast as a cheetah

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child hood

Adrian Peterson was born on March 21st 1985 in Palestine Texas.Adrian Peterson overcame a child hood tragedy's he started playing running back in high school,and was really great,he then became running back for the university of oklahoma.
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how he got into the sport

Adrian Peterson played foot ball in college at oklahoma and people started seeing how good he really is.

what is Adrian Peterson's accompleshments

Adrian Peterson topped the zoo yard mark in three diffrent games! well isn´t he fast! to 1,925 rushing yards. he placed 2nd in the heisman trophy race! that is epic and boss.
Ultimate Adrian Peterson Highlights (MVP Season) (HD)

extra things

Adrian Peterson was placed on to injured reserve due to a torn ACL and MCL on december 26th 2011 and came back for his MVP year in 2012 it took alot of phsical theripe.
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