Edgewood's Tiger Talk

February 3, 2017

Principal's Update

Homework is a controversial topic. Some parents and educators don't believe in homework. Research does not support that homework has significant impacts on overall academic achievement. Other parents and educators believe that homework provides needed extra practice and provides students with an opportunity to learn to be responsible.

So where do we stand at Edgewood? As I survey our practices, we sit somewhere in the middle of the two camps. Looking at the practices across grade levels, here are some of our beliefs about homework:

  • Kids need time to be kids; at the elementary age, students should not have an overwhelming amount of work to do at home. After focusing all day, they need to play outside, play creatively, and interact with their families.
  • The more we read, the better we get. Students should read or listen to books they enjoy, because if we like it, we're more likely to keep doing it.
  • Learning to be responsible by doing something without a teacher standing over you is important. For some kids, this comes naturally. Many others need parental support to develop this skill. When I ask my daughter if she's brushed her teeth, she's learned to lie and say "yes". So I make her do a minty breath test. Many of our kids might need the same type of check in with homework.
  • Children learn at different speeds. Some people see things once and remember them (I wish I were one of those people). Others need dozens or even hundreds of repetitions. If your child needs more practice, spending 10-15 minutes a day at home with sight words or math review can go a long way. We've seen it make a big difference for many students.
  • Homework is not graded for accuracy. We use it to see what kids understand independently. It can help us know what to teach next. If you do it for your child, we can't see what they do/don't understand.

At Edgewood, we know we have people in both camps, and we work to find a balance that is acceptable to both. Whatever your personal beliefs, it's important that if it's assigned, kids do their best to do it. If we as adults brush it off as unimportant, it sends a message that work--and learning--aren't important. For our students to be competitive 21st century citizens, they'll need to be life-long learners. We work to cultivate that love of learning in each of our students, every day.

In learning,

Mrs. Boyd

Pawsitively Edgewood--Character Education

Did you hear the exciting news? We've been recognized as one of 2 State Schools of Character for 2017! This is a distinct honor, and is due to the hard work of teachers, administrators, students, and parents for many years. This is a strong reflection of the culture we foster at Edgewood, as well as the wonderful students we have. Hats off and thanks to all parents for being our partner in developing kids of character. Want to learn more about what it means to be a school of character? Check out: http://character.org/

Last Friday, Matt Wilhelm, BMX Biker and X-Games Medalist talked with students about never giving up, being kind, and being someone's Batman. He shared his humbling experience of being bullied when younger and the power of speaking up. His tricks were amazing and his message inspiring! This opportunity was funded by Boxtops. Please keep saving them! Thank you so this hardworking committee of students overseen by Mrs. Jegier and Mrs. Haut.

PE Update from Mr. Warnecke

In K-2, students are beginning the paddle unit. Students will learn how to strike and serve with a foam paddle and ball. At the end of the unit, we will add nets and use the skills practiced to perform a lead up tennis activity. The 3-5th graders just started their Badminton unit were they will learn how to serve, use different strokes, rules, and strategies of the game. By the end of the unit the goal is to be able to play a doubles match against another team. All grade levels will also be continuing other team-building warm up activities as well. This is the last unit before Jump Rope for Heart!!!

Spirit Wear

Thanks to parent volunteers and the EHSA, we have new spirit wear designs. Check out the new options! Go to: http://www.riedelsports.com/online-ordering.html


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Save your Pop Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House

In addition to saving Boxtops, Edgewood School collects Poptabs to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House here in Milwaukee. A school-wide contest is going on now through March 31. Tell your neighbors and relatives to save up—it’s for a very worthwhile cause. Check out this video for an amazing resource in our community available to families during challenging times. http://rmhcmilwaukee.org/about/house-tour-video/

B.E.E. Ready--Free Preschool Screening Program

Open to all children who reside in the School District of Greenfield who are 3 or 4 by March 1st and have not yet attended four-year-old kindergarten or Early Childhood Special Education.

Saturday, March 4th


Elm Dale Elementary School

5300 S. Honey Creek Dr.

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Go to https://smile.amazon.com/. Search for the "Edgewood Home and School Association, Inc." A small percentage of every purchase will come to the EHSA. Easy for you, $ for the school!

Upcoming Dates

2/9--Spirit Wear Orders Due (online orders)

2/14--EHSA Meeting, 6:30 in the Library

2/15--Registration for the 17-18 school year begins--encourage those you know with students who will be in K4 to sign up early!

2/17--EHSA Date Night Out, 5:30-8:30 pm

2/17--Assembly--Spirit Day! (Orange & Black)

2/24--Mid-winter Break--No School

2/27--Mid-winter Break--No School for students

3/3--March's Coffee with the Principal

3/3--Assembly--Spirit Day!

3/4--BEE Ready @ Elmdale (early childhood screening for kids ages 3 or 4 by March 1st and not already in 4K or Early Childhood).