James Stuck

Sitting Volleyball


James Stuck is currently the setter for team USA's mens sitting volleyball and was titled USA's volleyball male sitting athlete of the year in 2013 and 2014. Stuck currently Lives in edmund, Oklahoma and is now married to his wife Emily. After getting married he has one son named andrew who was born in 2011. James is also a Army veteran who served in Iraq and received the purple heart for wounds he received.


Mr. stuck has many different values surrounding his life whether its helping other vets, or doing his best on the court. One of the most important things in Stuck's life is his son. When he said in an interview “[I want to be] a role model on the court, not just for the team, but especially for my 2-year-old", he not only says it but he shows it buy working hard. James is also a very humble man, although he has gone through such dramatic events in his life he continues to be thankful for the opportunities he's been given. James Stuck has great values and that's what makes him a great athlete, and a great member of team USA's men's sitting volleyball team.

Sports subculture

While in high school James Stuck was a star soccer player and great team mate. In 2007 James stuck began training full time with Team USA's sitting volleyball team. Although the court for sitting volleyball is smaller, the game itself seems much faster than the standing version. Just like all sports, these athletes train hard and spend much of there time on the court.


In 2005 James Stuck Served in Kirkuk, Iraq with the U.S. Armies 101st Airborne Division. While conducting a patrol in a Humvee, the vehicle hit an IED(Improvised Explosive Device). James lost part of his right leg and sustained some other injuries. While recovering from his injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Rehabilitation for a year. 5 weeks after losing his legs, James went snowboarding and began participating in many other sports including sitting volleyball.


James Stuck has won five major international competitions in recent years while he has been with team USA. The same year he joined the team in 2007, he competed in the Parapan American games and place silver. Since 2007 he has received 2 additional silver medals as well as a Gold medal at the Parapan American Games. More recently Stuck and his team competed in the Intercontinental cup in 2012.

Symbolic theory

James Stuck is an outstanding example of a hero. Not only did he serve in the military and was unfortunately wounded, but he moved on and has accomplished great things. Many people may have a hard time coping with an injury as severe as his, but James began participating in sports and enrolled for classes at the University of Oklahoma. Now James Stuck has become a great sitting volleyball player.