Roanoke Island

The Lost Colony

About the Island

In 1584, and English fort was built on an island with 100 men,But suddenly the island was abandoned possibly because of bad weather, lack of supplies, and a bad relation with the natives from the island. In 1587, another party of colonists were sent to settle on the island. Then the island was left alone for 3 years because England was having trouble, when Sir Walter was sent back to check on the island, there was no sign of civilization, except for the word "CRO" carved into a tree. This made people speculate that the colonists were attacked by natives, but even the natives were not found. It is still a mystery to where the people went.
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A second Jamestown

Roanoke was supposed to be a second Jamestown, a permanent settlement, but it ended horribly, because when the civilian's head guide comes back with supplies, there is no one to be found. This makes Roanoke significant because it failed on what it was originally supposed to be.


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