Alayna Grace engebretsen

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  1. They are $500 dollars each and less sometimes or higher sometimes too.
  2. Some of them are $200 dollars to and $300 dollars and higher too.
  3. They are very sweet and cuddle a lot of times and sometimes they are very mean but they are very sweet though.

Time Commitment

You need to feed it and water it. And you need to play with it and wash it too. When they are sleeping don't mess with it will get mad and hiss at you trust me I did it before it sometimes does that not all the time though.
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The food is cost a lot of money it is $11.10 dollars and sometimes it is $25.99 dollars too. My mom buys nine bags of it. We have to put it up high so the cats don't make a big hole in it. We also have a can of cat food its their favorite food too.

Life Span

The manx cats live up 8 to 14 years of age and lower and when their sick they might die though like my cat stinks.

Other Tips

The manx cats have the shortest tails.

The manx cat, is a breed of a domestic cat originating cat.

they love to play with string and sleep with you a lot of times but not all the time.

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How to tell when a cat is sick

Their nose is pale and their gums are pale and their skinny if their fat. Their nose is not pink their gums are not pink at all and they don't move a lot though.