First Things First

November 16-20

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Wyatt and Lathan create a frog habitat.


Students are focusing on the -e to the end concept in reading, and the -ee rule. These rules help students remember that when a vowel says it's name, the letter -e goes to the end of the word (bike, lake). The exception is if the two vowels are -ee. The -ee vowels stick together like twins, rarely do they leave each other's side (feet, meet, greet).

Spelling Words And Sentences

Please continue to practice spelling words and sentences for our Friday quizzes.
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We are currently on Lesson 26 of Module 1. Students are exploring the idea of subtraction within 0-10. For a closer look at Module 26 (Topic G), please check out our curriculum page for more information.

Social Studies

Thank you to all that provided a picture of a veteran in their family. The copies of pictures are in the hallway to honor our veterans, along with a flag made by our class. It was wonderful to hear students talk about their loved ones and show off their veteran to the class. Thank you to parents who had to do some digging and contacting relatives in order to get the pictures!
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We had a blast this week exploring frogs in a cross-curriculum unit of Reading and Science lessons. There may be nothing more enjoyable for a teacher and valuable for students than watching them have fun with hands on learning!
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The week of November 16-20 is a BLACK week, specials are as follows:
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Looking Ahead

Return Pancake Feast Form-November 17th

Pancake Feast-November 24th, please join us if you wish to help! Helpers can show up at 8:30. We would love to have you!

Thanksgiving Break-November 25th-27th
Students ended our frog week by creating frog habitats. Can you find the frogs in the ponds?