Infinitive Phrase

Tyler Morris

five examples

To smash a spider

To kick the ball past the dazed goalie

To lick the grease from his shiny fingers despite the disapproving glances of his girlfriend Gloria

i like to wind surf

l like to play catch


  1. An Infinitive Phrase is a group of words consisting of an infinitive and the modifier(s) and/or (pro)noun(s) or noun phrase(s) that function as the actor(s), direct object(s), indirect object(s), or complement(s) of the action or state expressed in the infinitive, such as:

why we use it infinitive phrases

we use infinitve phrases to put togeather the sentence like if the sentence was i like to wind surf but if it was just wind surf it woldnt make sence so its i like to wind surf so it kinda puts the sentence the right way