Central Asia


Historical Events

Great Game- The Great Game was when both Great Britain and the Russian Empire tried to take control of Central Asia by winning over local leaders.

In 1218 Mongols, led by Genghis Khan. began ruling over Central Asia for 200 years. They destroyed many cities and irrigation systems.

The Soviet goverment took power after the Russian Revolution in 1917. Soviets drew new political boundaries that separated people and resources to weaken resistance. Central Asian countries were now called republics, but were fully under the control of the Soviets.

Important Leaders/People

Sher Ali- declared a holy war against the British

Lord Lytton- proposed that a rival British mission too, should be sent to Kabul and this was agreed in London

Lord Curzon- conservative statesman who helped the british take control of Central Asia

Government and Economy

Central Asias republics were once under the influence of the Soviet Union, but are now independent and have a democratic government.


The predominant religion in Central Asia is Islam. Central Asia has a long rich history mainly based on its historic position on the famous Silk Road. It has been conquered by Mongols, Persians, Tatars, Russians, Sarmatian and thus has a very distinct, vibrant culture.