The Boy Who Saved Baseball

By Chloe Sommers


I choose Maria. Maria is detramin and sweet like a little  white daysie ,she takes one for the team,and she thinks positve .When they were playing agains the Vikings Maria hit her leg and people came to see her and help her but she kept on playing


The theme is to never give up

How Tom grew and change

Tom grew into a graet baseball player. Now he knows how to pich because cuz tough Tom how to , and now he is not afraid to talk in big croweds of people

the most exciting part of the book

The most exciting part i though was when they were playing againts the vikings and Tom was the  last one to bat and the Wild Cats won .No, it did not turn out the way i thought the Wild Cats would lose.

My hero

My hero is my mom she is the most loveing person I meet she helps me with a my prolbles she is alway their for me . When i broke my wrist she took me to the the doctor right away , when i need a hug she will give me a hug. So my mom is MY HERO !

My sorces

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