Rethink Your Drink

Science Fair project done By:Keegan Mehrens

The 10 NOT so Great Drinks For You

1.Sunny D has 27 grams of sugar

2.Vitamin Water has 29 to 31 grams of sugar depending on the flavor

3.Bottle of Coca Cola has 39 grams of sugar

4.Snapple has 39 to 44 grams of sugar depending on the flavor

5. Can of Coca Cola 44 grams of sugar

6.Blue Gatorade has 52.5 grams of sugar

7.SoBe Green Tea 61 grams of sugar

8.Sunkist 84 grams of sugar

9.Dairy Queen caramel MooLatte has 112 grams of sugar

10.McDonalds Triple Thick chocolate shake has 168 grams of sugar

What I'm going to do/ Procedure

Im going to drink 5 of the drinks I listed above and see if i can taste the sugar , if it makes me have a sugar rush or makes me tried from all the sugar.Im going to test #2-Vitamin water,#3-Bottle of Coca Cola ,#4-snapple , #5-can of coke and #8-Sunkist

results / Conclusion

#8-Sunkist-Made Keegan hyper but made Hope lazy

#3-Bottle of Coca Cola -Made Keegan tired but Hope hyper

#2-Vitamin water (power-c) dragonfruit - had no affects

#5-Can of Coke - made me burp a lot

#4-snapple (fruit punch) - had no affects


My hypothesis was that a can of Coke would have the most affects on me while the Sunkist had no affects on me.

My Conclusion

My conclusion was wrong because the Sunkist had the most affect while a Can of Coke just made me burp which is just a little affect.


My question was what pop would affect me the most? What drink would make me HYPER, lazy , tried , or have no affect on me

Background knowledge

I already new that Sunkist made me hyper but i didnt know it had a differnt affect on someone else. I had know idea what snapple or vitamin water did to me or a human