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How to Sing High Notes

So you’re at the karaoke bar, and it’s your turn to sing. You get up on the stage and next thing you know, the high notes come along, and your neck feels like it’s going to explode, and you just croak… How in the world do those people sing those notes?

Well, it’s not something that’s really out of reach for you, physically. It’s just that you have never trained yourself to be able to hit those notes. Would you be surprised if I told you that you CAN sing those notes?

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy can train your voice to hit the highest notes, higher than anything you thought you could ever do.

There are a number of vocal techniques that prepare you to sing just about anything you could ever want to sing. It’s just a matter of training, practice, and desire.

Some of the things you need to learn in order to pull off just about any note you would ever care to sing would include:

  • Breath Control for Singing: SUPPORT
  • Exercises to build your vocal RANGE.
  • How to adapt your vocal tract as the notes get HIGHER.
  • How to get a TONE that will make people LOVE the SOUND of your VOICE.
  • How to gain the CONFIDENCE that you will be able to hit the note when it comes.
  • How to sing without going hoarse.
  • How to sing high notes with EASE.

There is no mystery to singing, when you know the techniques that the PRO’s know.

It only takes about an hour a day of focused practice once you have the right methods and instructions available. KTVA makes it simple by providing video instructions and audio practice exercises that will grow your voice into a MONSTER.

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I look forward to helping you to ROCK your VOICE!

Good Singing to You!

Ken Tamplin