Disney Update




Each student traveler will receive two t-shirts for the trip. The sapphire blue t-shirt will be required apparel for the first travel day. The navy t-shirt will be worn during the Imagination Campus choir and instrumental workshops. The shirts will be printed with the graphics below.

T-Shirt for sale

The t-shirt pictured here is for sale! Anyone - tag-along, chaperone, staff - that would like to purchase this t-shirt to commemorate the trip may do so. The store to purchase this shirt is open now and will close on Sunday 3/19: https://west-shore-music-disney-shirt-store.itemorder.com/shop/sale/

Updated Itinerary

Here is an updated itinerary as of 3/9. The only update here is the marching band performance time was moved to 2:20pm.

Departure Location

We will be departing from Crossroads Middle School in the parking lot behind the building. This will be updated on the itinerary in the future.

Final Payment

We are working on the final payment amount and should be ready to communicate the amount next week.

Marching Band - Uniform Fitting

Every student who is attending Disney to march in the parade will be required to attend the fitting (with the exception of color guard) Below are all the details.

When: Monday April 3rd

Location: Cedar Cliff Band Room


  • 6pm - Brass
  • 6:45pm - Woodwinds
  • 7:15pm - Percussion

What to bring- REQUIRED

  • Dinkles if you own
  • under uniform shirt
  • under uniform shorts
  • black socks
All Clean and separate from what you wear to fitting! You will be leaving these items with us in a bag when you leave to be packed on the trailer for the trip. If you need your dinkles for concerts you will need to notify us that day at the dinkle table, and it will be your responsibility to bring them the night of instrument turn in (25th of April).

Report time is at the time listed.

You will enter the band room and prepare as you would for a pre football game inspection.

Breakdown of how it will all go:

  • Enter the band room and check in at the first table. You will be given a checklist at this table.
  • Pickup your shako/gloves/dinkles (if you rented them).
  • Go to auditorium and get your uniform and get in inspection setup.
  • Inspection team will review everything and adjust or swap out as necessary.
  • Once you are completed and told you are good you will then place your dinkles and clean under uniform and socks into a cinch sac or bag (we will be providing). Your bag will then be hung with your uniform on the rack for now.
  • Return checklist to the person at checkout and head out.

This process should not take more than 45-60 minutes.

Reminders: Bring your dinkles to the fitting! Also bring a clean under uniform shirt, shorts, and socks to be put inside a bag and left behind to be packed with your uniform that night.

Percussion students:

You are the last slot because yours will take slightly longer. The battery students will be following their typical process, but front ensemble students will need to be fitted with shako, gloves, and gauntlets. So just be aware that you will be wearing the full uniform.


Legal Photo Identification for Airlines

Each trip attendee will need a valid photo ID that will be used at the airport. People 18 and older must have a valid gov’t PHOTO identification – driver’s license, state issued ID or passport are fine; school ID is not acceptable. For those under 18 who don’t have a driver’s license or passport, a school photo ID is acceptable. Gov't issued Real IDs are still not yet a requirement.

Please check to make sure that you have your ID and that it has not expired. You will be required to show your photo ID to your bus chaperone when boarding the bus on the day of the trip.

Academic Eligibility

This is a reminder of the notice printed on the initial Disney Trip cover letter regarding eligibility.

Because of the timing of the trip relative to the beginning of the 4th marking period, administration has recently decided that eligibility will be based on 3rd marking period grades. To be eligible, a student must be passing the equivalent of four full credits. For underclassmen, this typically means they can be failing one, but not more than one course. Some juniors and seniors only take four or less courses and they cannot fail any classes.

If you have questions or concerns, please be in touch with your band/chorus/orchestra director.

In addition, students may be removed from the trip roster for disciplinary reasons or by failing to be in good standing within their music ensemble (failing to attend concerts or take playing/singing tests). Students must maintain a 90% or higher in all music classes/ensembles in order to attend. Failure to do so will result in being unable to attend the trip.

As best we can, teachers will be monitoring student grades during the month of April. However, it is your responsibility to monitor your grades on PowerSchool, be in communication with your teachers regarding assignments, and ultimately do what is expected of you as a student.

Volunteer clearances - For parent/family tag-along travelers

Initially (when we introduced the trip last spring) we were going to require you to upload a photo of your WSSD-issued Volunteer Badge as a way to signify that your clearances were complete. We are no longer requiring that badge. Instead we are simply verifying with the school office that your clearances are complete.

Parent/family tag-along travelers who still need to complete their clearances have been contacted.

Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting - Tuesday 4/18

ALL TRAVELERS and parents of student travelers are required to attend the Pre-Trip Meeting on 4/18 at 8pm at Cedar Cliff HS (following the band concert).

Equipment Truck Loading - Tuesday 4/25

Instrumentalists will need to bring their instrument to Red Land HS on the evening of 4/25.

Marching Band Disney Rehearsal Dates

Get ready to rock the streets of Magic Kingdom with our signature tune.... BROOKLYN!! That's right... the return of Brooklyn by Young Blood Brass Band.

Please mark your calendars for these mandatory Disney marching band rehearsals 6-9pm @ Red Land

Tuesday 4/11

Monday 4/17

Monday 4/24

*Front ensemble- we will need two people to represent us in the front of the band by carrying the banner. Let Mr. Clements know if you are interested! The rest of you will be.... marching cymbals!

Dining Reservations - OPTIONAL

Meal vouchers are included with the trip- one for breakfast at the hotel and one for counter service food in the parks. If you would like to purchase dinner at a sit-down restaurant, you might want to think about making a reservation. Mrs. Shepski has put together these video Instructions for making Dinner Reservations. Reservations can be made as far out as 60 days beforehand - for us that would be 2/26. Again this is OPTIONAL.