Volcano Project

By Logan and Halie

Earthquake, Honshu

The name and date of my earthquake is Honshu and occurred in 2011. A Convergent Boundary caused this earthquake. The magnitude of this earthquake 8.9.
The location of the epicenter is Sendai, Miyagi. The depth of the focus was 18.6 miles below the surface. Over 10,000 people died from this earthquake. The damage the earthquake cause was $300 billion dollars. The earthquake triggered tsunami warnings throughout the pacific basin.

Volcano, Mount Fuji

The volcano is in Honshu Japan, and it is an Asama volcano. No cities are in danger if this volcano erupts again because it is on a deserted island. The last major eruption was is December of 1707 and the earthquake erupted for a month straight. It didn't cost anything because there were no casualties. Mount Fugi was forbidden for women to climb until 1912 and the volcano is considered good luck. This volcano is a doormat volcano but could erupt at any time.
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