Peter Noyes Friday Flyers

Week of October 4th

Upcoming Events

October 11.....No School - Indigenous People's Day

October 13......PTO Meeting and Principal Chat 7:00 PM via Zoom

October 20.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45

October 21........Noyes Night Out at Sobre Mesa - Dinner

October 23.....Peter Noyes Fall Festival 3:00-5:30 PM See details below!

November 2.....Noyes "Night" Out at Sudbury Coffee Works - All Day

November 3.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45 - Parent Conferences

November 7.....NEADS Graduation for Sophie - Monty Tech High School

November 10......Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45 - Parent Conferences

November 11.....No School - Veteran's Day

November 17.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45 - Parent Conferences

November 24.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45

November 25-26..... No School - Thanksgiving Recess

A Note From Mrs. Doyle

Dear Noyes Families,

Happy Friday! We hope you and your family enjoy the long weekend. Here are the important news topics this week.


Like all Massachusetts public schools, Peter Noyes has a School Council which serves as an advisory body to the principal. The main topics of the Council are related to our School Improvement Plan goals and school budget. Other topics are also discussed depending on the needs during the school year. There are two elected parents, two elected teachers, along with the principal and assistant principal serving on the Council. At this time we have TWO parent openings. We meet approximately 5 times per year and we will likely meet virtually after school but may meet in person if this works best for all elected members. If you have questions about this elected post, please contact me by email or phone. If there are more than 2 parents interested in this position, we will hold an election online and all parents in the Noyes community can vote. Each person running for election is asked to provide a paragraph about themselves and why they would like to serve on the Noyes School Advisory Council. All interested parents should express interest to Annette Doyle by October 15, 2021.


On Wednesday, October 13, at 7 p.m. via Zoom, Kristin Moffat, Assistant Principal, and I will be joining the PTO Co-Chairs, Jen Spencer, and Manpreet Nehra, for a PTO meeting and Principal Chat. I will share information about how the school year is going so far and offer an opportunity for parents to ask questions via the chat feature. We hope you can join us!


With our low incident rate of COVID in schools, we have consulted with the Sudbury Health Department regarding eating snacks inside classrooms. Given the multi-layered COVID mitigation measures currently in place (mask-wearing, high rates of adult vaccination, routine pool testing, distancing), it is now feasible to allow students to eat morning/afternoon snacks in their classrooms.

Beginning today, classroom teachers may choose to have their students eat snack in the classroom or outside. Students may be unmasked only for the time that they consume snack, but must remain seated at their desk or assigned area. Students who are unmasked must be six or more feet away from the nearest unmasked individual, and three or more feet away from the nearest masked individual. All adults and children will continue to be masked at all other times when indoors and not eating.


We do have a number of bees on school grounds and this is one of the reasons teachers may choose to eat snacks indoors starting next week. Please know that we have had several pest control treatments and they are continuing to monitor the situation. One of the factors is the food left on school grounds from having snack outside, but also, from people using our playground and grounds over the weekend and the trash they are leaving behind. Our classes are making sure students pick up after themselves after outdoor snack to minimize the food debris.


A key element of our COVID mitigation strategy is weekly COVID testing. If you have not already registered your child for weekly pool testing, you can still grant permission to participate. Please click here to sign up for testing. Please do not sign up again if you have already registered your child. The district has also posted a COVID Dashboard on the SPS website.


Annette Doyle

Driving Around Peter Noyes Reminders

Families - Please read these gentle reminders about driving around Peter Noyes:

During car pick-up please:

  • Stay in your car
  • Follow the directions of staff on duty
  • Do not yell to your children, staff will alert them when it is safe to go
  • Do not use your cell phone during pick-up
  • Stay in line and wait for the car ahead of you to pull out

When Leaving Peter Noyes:

  • Drive slowly around the property and be aware of the crosswalk

Educational Enrichment Help

Families - THe PTO is excited to offer educational enrichment to all grade levels again this year. We are looking for one parent from each grade level to help coordinate with both the visiting performers and the grade level teachers. Please send an email to if you can help.

Thank you!

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Mrs. Moffat & Sophie's Graduation!

Sunday, Nov. 7th, 2-4pm

1050 Westminster Street

Fitchburg, MA

Please join us on November 7th at Monty Tech High School to celebrate Sophie and Mrs. Moffat's Graduation from the NEADS program!

The Noyes PTO needs your help!!!

Noyeswear - Please email Maureen Alterio at

5th Grade Activity Volunteers - Please email Jenn Spencer at

Fall Festival- Please email Jenn Spencer or Manpreet Nehra at or

Spring Auction - Please email Nicole Burnards at

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