Nothing Gold Can Stay ByRobertFrost

By Julian Lopez


the title makes me feel like that everything thats perfect can't always last forever


nature's first thing is like gold because it is beautiful


the poem might mean that the speaker is saying that the perfect things are prescious but they don't always last forever


the speakers tone seems to be soft and loving like ''natures first green is gold'' so that maybe that the first thing of everthing is ''gold'' so that thing is special. Another thing is ''ever leaf is a flower but only ever hour''so that means ever thing can be great but it dose'nt last forever


in the fourth stanza it starts to get sad like saying ''but only a hour '' so it starts to doubt all the good stuff


i think the title ''nothing gold can stay'' means the speakers saying that things are perfect but perfect things don't last forever


i think the theme for this poem is something things are perfect but they don't last forever