Fluids in Humans and Cars

By: Anuj Gandhi 805

The Role Of Fluids in Humans and Cars

You may not notice fluids, however they are everywhere! They make our daily lives very simple by helping our bodies to function. Not only do fluids play a fundamental role in humans, but also in motorized vehicles, which are helpful transportation sources (such as cars). Fluids in cars and humans are very similar because they both help clean, cool and protect themselves.


Fluids help clean the human eye with tears, while fluids help clean cars with the windshield viper fluid to increase visibility for safe driving.


Fluids cool the body with the help of sweat! Fluids also help cool the car with many fluids such as the cooling fan and the engine coolant.


Fluids help protect the human body with Cerebro- spinal fluid, which is located between the skull and the brain. Fluids help make a car safe with air bags.

Cleaning Fluids

Cooing Fluids

Protection Fluids


In conclusion, this shows that humans and cars have many relationships when it comes to fluids. It also shows that fluids play a very important role in both cars and humans. Without fluids life would be very complicated. If there was any.