Second Edition

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Each day, Hylton educators engage their students in innovative ways.

The goal of the Teacher Technology Spotlight is to highlight some of those educators. Enjoy!

3D Printing

  • What is it?
    • 3D printing is a method of creating rapid prototypes of an object without having to create labor intensive molds or physical processing. 3D printers create these prototypes using layers of molted plastic to form a 3D object. These prototypes are developed using design software like AutoDesk Inventor, which we have in our CAD lab at C.D. Hylton.
  • Featured Teacher: Mr. Ehman, Career and Technical Education
    • This year, students will have an opportunity to design projects in class using the Inventor software and then see those ideas transform from a concept into an actual object before their eyes!
  • A word from one of his students:
    • After seeing her printout, one of the students said: "the new printer is amazing."

Curious about 3D printing? Watch the video below to learn more.

CES 2014 Review - Makerbot 5th Generation 3D Printer - Chupacabra Labs

Google Forms

  • What is it?
    • Google Forms is one of the applications that make up the Google Apps for Education suite of tools available to students and faculty at C.D. Hylton. Educators and students can use Google Forms to create surveys and collect data. Several C.D. Hylton teachers in Health/PE and World Languages are also using Google Forms to create assessments that, using an Add-on called Flubaroo, are self-grading and provide an insightful item analysis to better support student learning and the re-teaching process.
  • Featured Educator(s): Hylton's School Counseling Department
    • Using a Google Form, students now have the ability to sign up to see their counselor online. Each counselor has their own form and those forms are linked to a Counseling Web page. This is a great way to give students the opportunity to request appointments when it is convenient for them. It is also great because it documents when a student requested to see the counselor and our ITC, Cynthia Treichler, has it set up to notify the counselor whenever they have a new request. Parents can also fill in a request for their student if they have a concern and want to be sure the student is seen.
    • "The new online system allows me to manage my day more effectively in order to meet the needs of my students." - Mrs. Jenkins
    • "I find the online requester very easy to use. It is an efficient way to track student requests, and I am able to see students in a timely manner." - Mrs. Banner
  • A word from one of our students:
    • "I like having the ability to request an appointment and have it go directly to my counselor. It's nice being able to do it from home, too."

SMART Response

  • What is it?
    • The SMART Response System, commonly referred to as "clickers," provide a way to rapidly collect reliable feedback that students are individually accountable for while maintaining whole group anonymity. Assessments built with SMART Response can be aligned to the state academic standards, and they help inform the teacher when students are disengaged and/or confused. It's a form of "disruptive" technology that truly allows teachers to customize their instruction based on student needs.
    • C.D. Hylton Social Studies, Math and World Language teachers actively use clickers in their classsroom.
  • Featured Teacher: Mrs. Ca'Merono, Mathematics
    • "Students are more active participants when they can receive feedback on their progress within seconds. SMART Response also facilitates data analysis, which helps me tailor lessons based on the specific academic needs of each class." -Mrs. Ca'Merono
  • A word from one of her students:
    • "Using the clickers, or the app on my phone, is really convenient. It's easy to use, and I like seeing the results right then and there."

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