Digital Security

By: Brent Lizotte

What is Digital Security?

Digital Security is when all of your information is online in a online data base so it is very easy for everyone to get into each others personal things. As more and more of these devices get connected, they can help us access a range of services including communications, payment and government.

People often ask themselves

Is this really the people that i want to trust with my information.

Make sure this is not you the one that just gives up there information for no reason and then the hackers get into your information.

Definition of Digital Security.

Digital Security: Means answering those questions with solutions that protect and enhance assets and interactions.

Ways that can protect your info

There are many ways that you can protect your information in the world. But some of the companies can not be trusted because they just want your money. when you get digital security make sure that you make your password very strong or strong if possible because it is every easy for others to get in to your accounts with the tech in this day and age.
At the end of the day just make sure you say to your self did I make the right choice online and if you didn't try your best to change it.

Remember it can be anyone in the world and that means you too.