Hernando De Soto

By Jared Weisler


Hernando De Soto was a Spanish explorer who discovered the southern states in North America. He was a conquistador. He was born somewhere between 1496-1501 and he went on his first voyage when he was about 14 years old. He was born in Barcarrota, Spain to Leonor Arias Tinoco and Francisco Mendez De Soto. He had one sibling named Juan Mendez De Soto. Hernando De Soto married Inés de Bobadilla in 1537. Today, I am going to go deep into telling you all the facts about Hernando De Soto´s life.

Early and Mid life

Hernando De Soto was pretty wealthy growing up. De Soto sailed his first voyage in 1514 and he went with Davili. Davilli was the governor of Darien. They sailed through Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras. De Soto proved that he could be a good explorer and he wanted to explore with his own group. In 1532 Francisco Pizarro made De soto second in command on a big exploration trip.


Hernando De Soto took a voyage in 1533 where he was the leader and he became the governor of Cuba. Four years later in 1537 Hernando De Soto began exploring the Gulf of Mexico. In 1539 Hernando De Soto discovered Tampa bay. De Soto found a lot of riches in Tampa Bay. He found a lot of oranges for everyone to eat. He sailed down the coast of Florida after he was Done exploring Tampa Bay.

Important Voyages To SouthEastern United States

Hernando De Soto came back to spain as a wealthy man in 1536. He had a lot of riches and gold. Then in 1537 Hernando De soto married Ines de Boballida.In 1539 Ines was in charge of Cuba when Hernando de Soto wass on a voyage. This voyage was Hernando De Soto´s big voyage. He sailed all over the southern part of the United States. Hernando de Soto went from tampa bay Florida to all the way to Arkansas. He sailed through Georgia and Alabama. He found so many riches on his journey. He discovered most of the confederate states.

Hernandoś Death

In 1542 Hernando de Soto died on one of his ships. He died of the flu on May 21 while he was sailing on the Mississippi River.It was a very sad day for the conquistadors. The rest of his crew kept sailing and they discovered Mexico in 1543. The sailors Buried de Soto´s body in the Mississippi River.After De soto's crew there were many more great voyages.