Stowe School Year is Here

September 2021

Stowe Has a New Principal

Stowe Elementary School's new Principal Jessica Cook is excited to start the school year. She will bring a fresh perspective to help teachers and children succeed. Principal Cook grew up in Cloquet, and was raised by a family of educators. She is as homegrown as it gets. Her father was a principal for most of her childhood so she knows the dedication and hard work it takes to run a successful school. She is excited to become part of the Stowe family! Please stop by and say hello.

Message from Principal Cook

Hello everyone. I am so excited to get know the teachers, families and children of this wonderful community. The opportunities at Stowe offer Educational Excellence with an Environmental Emphasis. Many people within our school and our community work together with our shared environmental education and academic growth missions. You are a big part in our success. Thank you for all that you do to help us educate our children. Together, let's continue to build and improve our school-to-home partnership to provide a meaningful educational experience for our children. Our motto is Work Hard, Be Kind. Our mascot is the Bulldog.

We ask that you guide and support your child's learning by ensuring that they:

  • Attend school daily and arrives on time to learn
  • Wear face protection daily
  • Complete daily assignments
  • Read daily to develop a love for reading
  • Share school experiences with you

We can´t wait to see our Stowe Bulldogs on September 7th (September 9th for Kindergarten). Happy Learning!

Your new Principal,

Jessica Cook

218.336.8845 x1134

Welcome Back - Stowe 2021

Do You Want Future News and Updates?

Future news will be sent via e-mail and text. Please make sure you have a parent portal account set up. Also be sure to:

Open House - September 1st (4:30-6:00)

Open House Event:

Wednesday, September 1, from 4:30 - 6:00

Dinner will be provided by the Stowe Foundation at no charge. Donations are accepted.

Staff will be available to meet and greet families. We ask that you limit the number of family members attending the event due to considerations for social distancing. This will also be a time for you to drop off supplies. Masks are required for all who enter the building.

Welcome to Stowe ... IMPORTANT DATES!

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Starting School for 2021

What day does school start for Grades 1 - 5?

All students in grades 1 - 5 will start September 7th.

What day does school start for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten students will start September 9th. There will be an opportunity for Kindergarten families to individually meet with teachers.

What are school hours?

7:45am-2:15pm (Doors open to students starting at 7:30am). Students should be in their classroom ready to learn no later than 7:45am.

What time should students arrive?

Between 7:30am and 7:45am. No students should arrive at school before 7:30am even if accompanied by an adult.

What time do the Buses arrive?

7:30 the Buses arrive. Grade K-5 students enter through the supervised side door. (Door I) This door is located in the bus pickup and drop-off area along Stowe Street.

Where is student drop off?

Student drop off/pick up is at the circle lot near the flagpole. Students will walk along the sidewalk to Door I. They should not enter Door H. Please drive slowly!!

Is breakfast provided?

During the 2021-2022 school year breakfast will be provided at no cost to all students.

Where is student pick up and what time?

Students will be released for Pick Up starting at 2:15pm. Parents are asked to stay in your vehicle. We realize this process takes time. We are doing our best to keep everyone safe and this practice is similar across the district related to Pick up.

Where can I get a list of school supplies for my child?

Well right here of course. But also on the school website.

School Supply List 2021

School Website

Please make sure to label all of your child's belongings. This includes the following:

- Backpack

- Gym Shoes

- Sweatshirts

- Jackets and other Outdoor Clothing

- Water Bottles

School Patrol For Students Who Walk

Trained School Patrol members will be on duty to assist walkers between 7:25-7:40 a.m. and 2:15-2:25 p.m. Before 7:25 a.m. or after 2:25 p.m. walkers are responsible for their own safety in crossing streets, Please urge your walkers to respect and listen to our school patrol members. They are there for student safety. Students may not cross at these intersections without the assistance of school patrol members. Commonwealth Avenue may be crossed only at Stowe Street or Fillmore. The student School Patrol members will be located at the following corners:

- 101st and Fillmore

- Commonwealth and Fillmore

- Stowe and Commonwealth

- Stowe and 101st

- Stowe and Vintage Acres

Current COVID Plans

(Information as of 8/30)

The start of the school year will look much like last

spring and will be following district guidelines:

  • Masks - masks are required for all students and staff working inside district buildings
  • Social Distancing - we will continue to try to maintain the recommended 3 feet of distance between students
  • Visitors/Parents in the School - just like in the Spring, we will limit entry to the school to keep out illnesses as much as we can. Buses arrive and doors will open at 7:30 for students. We ask that families do not drop off students before this time.
  • Cleaning - our custodians and teachers will continue to clean high touch areas as much as possible and at scheduled times throughout the day
  • Quarantine - MDH COVID-19 Attendance Guide for Parents & Families

    Staying home when you are sick is one of our best ways to fight COVID-19. Keeping sick children and children who are exposed to COVID-19 away from others helps stop the spread of the virus to other children, staff, and the surrounding community. Parents and guardians can use the district safe learning plan as a reference.


Just a reminder that there is no school for Kindergarten on September 7th or September 8th. Conference times were mailed home last week, please contact the office if you have any questions. Kindergarten students start with regular school hours on September 9th.

Breakfast and Lunch Programs

During the 2021-2022 school year both breakfast and lunches will be free for all students. However, we ask that every family fills this form out even if you do not qualify.

Free and Reduced Lunch Form

You can also pick up this form at the school office.

If students take an extra milk during the lunch period there will be a lunch account fee of $0.50

The breakfast and lunch program will begin Tuesday, September 7th.

LUNCH MENU can be found online at:

Child Care and K.E.Y. Zone Program

K.E.Y. Zone is a high quality, collaborative program of the Duluth Y and Duluth Community Education. They provide supplemental services for grades K-5 for for times when school is not in session. This is a year round service and includes summer and school breaks.

  • After school service begins September 7th.
  • Families who need care must register with K.E.Y. Zone for their program at
  • Registration must be submitted prior to attending the program.
  • Hours of Service: 2:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (when school is in session)
  • Activities include club activities, games & toys, arts & crafts, homework help, outdoor & gym time.
  • Snacks are provided each day after school.

Enroll Now


Contact: 218.336.8965 #7 or

For K.E.Y. Zone: 218.336.8900 x2 or


It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to notify the school of a child's absence. If we do not hear from you by 8:00 a.m. we will attempt to reach you to determine that your child is safe with a responsible adult. Stowe School guidelines regarding attendance are as follows: You may leave a message on the attendance line at any time. (336-8895 x 2) or email

Your child's attendance is very important to his/her school experience and academic success.

Being in class on time and in school on a regular basis is a predictor of graduation rates. Keep in mind that a student coming in late disrupts the entire class and may be uncomfortable for your student.

EXCUSED Absences

1. Illness

2. Illness of immediate family member making child unable to get to school

3. Medical or Dental appointments

4. Death in family

5. Religious/Spiritual days sacred to family when services are observed during school hours.

6. Family vacations

UNEXCUSED Absences or Tardiness

All absences that are not outlined above

Habitual tardiness is unexcused

Letters will be sent home starting when a student has 3 or more unexcused absences. Habitual absences may require a doctor's note or may require us to contact Social Services to report educational neglect.


Please send a written note, email or call with any scheduled appointments. We encourage you to schedule appointments and family vacations at a time when school is not in session, and particularly not during state testing dates. We realize that these conflicts are sometimes unavoidable but hope you will consider the importance of the planned classroom instruction and importance of unnecessary interruptions. You will be notified of the testing dates.


A reminder that only eligible riders will be allowed to ride the school bus. All elementary school children living 0.7 of a mile or more from school are eligible for service. All students should be on the street corner several minutes early. If you have questions regarding busing eligibility, please call:

ISD 709 Transportation Department Phone: 218.336.8970



PLEASE be patient during the first few days of school if the buses run 10-15 minutes off the scheduled time. It takes a few days to set the routine and schedule. Students are not permitted to ride a bus that is not assigned to them.



The administration of prescribed and over the counter medication to students during the school day is provided when the students’ health may be jeopardized without it, and in order to maintain and promote the health of the students so that learning is enhanced. Medication must be administered by the licensed school nurse or trained assistant using the following criteria:

  1. Administration of medication must be done according to the written order of a physician or dentist.

  2. A written request from the parent/guardian giving school personnel permission to administer medication is required within two days of an oral request.

  3. Medication must be in a container appropriately labeled by a pharmacist, physician, dentist or manufacturer.

  4. Medication must be administered following written procedures of the school district.


We will announce birthdays for the week on Mondays. We have a few requests of you regarding birthdays:

  1. DO NOT use the classroom as a place to distribute party invitations, etc., it inevitably leads to hurt feelings on the part of those who are not getting an invitation.

  2. DO NOT send balloons or flowers to school on your child’s birthday. This, too, causes hurt feelings on the part of those having birthdays but not receiving that type of attention.

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