What is available to help with CCS?

Come join us in the library and see what we have for you!


We are currently working to update the books in our library to build a collection focusing on the common core standards. As part of this we are working on incorporating more ebooks into the collection and more non-fiction as this is a big focus for common core.


We will be offering training sessions weekly for teachers who need additional help with technology and the benefits of using it to teach the common core. Each Monday we will announce the training session offered for the week, if you have any suggestions for training needed please feel free to email me and we will work the training into the schedule.

Supporting The Development Of Common Core

Questions and Comments

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments about the common core, I will respond as quickly as I can and hope that we can work together to make this an easy transition for the school.

Coming Soon

I am currently working on files that will show what I am prepared to teach from the common core alone, what I can co-teach, and what resources I have for each grade level to help with the common core. Please stop by or email me if you are interested in collaborating on lessons for your class!