2015 In Review

How 2015 Changed the World

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Worst Product 2

The Drone has glorified the flying helicopter to something the FAA has grown to fear and the news just cant get enough of.

Top 2 Movies of 2015

Star Wars was for sure the #1 movie, making over a billion dollars in 12 days.

#2 would have to go to the Paul Walker Tribute, Furious 7

They marketed not with big commercials, but by emotional fans who had fallen in love with the original series' and felt heartbroken after the death of Paul Walker

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Top 2 Artists

Adele and Drake for sure. With Adele coming out of nowhere with "Hello" and Drake taking over with "My Way" and "Hotline Bling, not to mention his beef with Meek Mill, they didn't even need to market

Top 10 Baby names

  1. Liam and Emma
  2. Noah and Olivia
  3. Ethan and Sophia
  4. Mason and Ava
  5. Lucas and Mia
  6. Logan and Isabella
  7. Oliver and Charlotte
  8. Jackson and Amelia
  9. Aiden and Harper
  10. Jacob and Madison
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New Years Resolution

  1. Family- Spend more time with my brothers before i go off to college
  2. Personal- Workout more on a regular basis
  3. School- Get a 3 or higher on all my AP exams