Levels Of Questioning



Fact Finding Questions:

1. “What is the capital of New Zealand?”

2. “Who invented the light bulb?”

3. “What are some of the incidents that occurred on Captain Cook’s 3rd voyage?”

Evaluative questions:

1. “What would do you think would be a good Christmas production?”

2. “What do you think is an appropriate punishment for acts of terrorism?”

3. “What do you believe about creation and evolution?”

Diagnostic or Comparative questions:

1. “What are the similarities between dogs and cats?”

2. “What are the possible outcomes of the baseball game tonight?”

3.“When would be the best time to do the laundry?”

Hypothetical questions:

1. “If you had to choose a goalie for a soccer team what three major skills would you look for?”

2. “If we had to stop using plastic bottles what options are there for hygienic containers?”

3. “What would be the possible problems if we changed the wood for plastic?”