Jesse W James

By Nate Adams , Author: Aaron Frich

Jesse James is well known for being an out law.
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Jesse James life

Jesse James had two fathers that had died which made Jesse upset.

Jesse joined the civil war, and that helped his shooting skills.

After the civil war he joined a gang, and they helped him get money, and the gang was a bad influence.

Important people to Jesse.

One important person to Jesse was his mom. Her name was Zerelda James. The James faimaly said she was a strong woman. Zerelda helped Jesse plant crops as well.

William Quantrill was another important person to Jesse. He was very good at murdering gambling and horse rustling. He had a gang called the Raiders. One day when Quantrill

and James were fighting in the civil war Quantrill got shot of his horse and got captured. Not long after William got shot in the shoulder and paralyzed him. Then got shot again by John Langford in 1865. One more important person to Jesse was his older brother Frank James. When Frank was born his parents were going to name him Alexander. But they decided that Alexander sounded to sissy so his name was Frank. Frank was loyal to Jesse and saved his life more than once.

Interesting facts about Jesse James

Jesse had two other siblings. Frank James born in 1843. Also a younger sister named Susan born in 1849. Finally in between them was Jesse. Born in 1847.
Jesse James in 1866 stole 60,000 dollars and in today's money that would be 700,000 dollars.
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When Jesse was on his horse he got shot twice and stayed in a ditch for two days before a farmer found him.
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Jesse was in a gang called the James boys.
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When the James gang were robing a bank in liberty Missouri, a collage student named George Wymore, in the gang got shot and killed. The gang calls it an "accidental" shot.
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What I have learned.

What I have learned from Jesse James is not to steal or you won't live a long life. Or many close people won't live long ether.