Welcome to A New World Of Discovery

Ladies and gents, we have a new invention! This invention is called the compass, and it will help you with your sailing adventures! The compass has a magnetic pointer, and it will point to the direction that you are headed! Many people have said that it could be the greatest navigational invention of the century. So, let’s say that you are walking outside and are trying to get to your shed. Can you use your compass? Yes you can. The compass will work virtually anywhere, and it will guide you in whatever direction you need to go! This can be useful for when you know you have to go many miles south, but then go east later in your journey. With your new compass, you can get where you are headed very easily, since it will point you to what direction you want to go. Before the compass, many people could not get to their destination easily because they did not know where, or what direction they were headed in. So, to all you explorers, go get your magnetic compass, and you will be without your directional troubles for good!