August 23, 2013


This week was absolutely stuffed to the brim with learning! The first-graders were receptive, responsive, proactive, and gracious. At night I’ve been going home exhausted with a massive smile on my face. These children bring me a lot of joy!

everyday math
We played several different games as a way to order and compare numbers as well as conceptualize both more than and less than. With a partner students played the penny-dice game and top it. We also practiced writing the numbers and although it is a simple concept while in a workbook, it is still common to flip the numbers and their order when writing in a different context. Lastly, we used tally marks to graph the classroom pets (combined we have seven dogs!)

We incorporated work on writing as our second daily 5 component and the students were filled with stories to express in their journals. We are focusing on punctuation and we read and acted out the book, Yo! Yes? Students were asked to identify when to use a period and write two sentences with periods at the end.

We continued to read to ourselves and the students learned how to choose a book that is a “good fit” for them through wearing different shoes that were the wrong size. A good fit for me for example, was not a good fit for Jimena. Our book boxes are slowly getting filled with books that:
I choose a book
Purpose- why do I want to read it?
Interest- does it interest me?
Comprehend- do I understand what I am reading?
Know- I know most of the words!

We spent the week talking about our body parts with the simple song “head, shoulders, knees, and toes,” and we traced our friends bodies to label. The children could hardly resist laughing while getting traced. They said it tickled!


After school programs (ASA) starts on Monday.

MAP testing will run from August 28-September 13. Make sure your child gets a good night sleep and eats a healthy breakfast to prepare them.