Counselor's Corner Newsletter

Navigating time at home

The extended time families are spending together due to practicing Social Distancing can be challenging. Included in this newsletter are articles from the Somerville School District's counselors who have shared their research and experience in each article. These articles are geared for parents and caregivers to help manage elementary schooler's behaviors, to help communicating with middle schoolers, and to help in managing screen-time in general.

The Somerville School District's Counselors hope you all are well! Please continue to check The Counselor's Corner for periodic updates.

For parents/caregivers with elementary age children:

For parents/caregivers with middle school age children:

For parents/caregivers with concerns about managing screen-time:



Dr. Dana Marrocco -

Ms. Paige Agnello -

Somerville Middle School

Dr. Ellie Sroczynski -

Somerville High School

Mrs. Ashley Joshi -

Mr. Douglas Graiver -

Dr. Ellyn Stein (M.A.P.S. Program) -

District Director of Special Services

Dr. Tanya McDonald -

If you or someone you know is in immediate need of mental health support, please call 9-1-1 and/ or refer to the flyer below of hotlines and services provided by the NJ Department of Children and Families.

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