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This survey was based on friendship. Friendship is a worldwide need and we have created a few questions to help us understand these relationships a little better. We have had 55 people complete the following survey so far, giving us a wide variety of results. Below we have analyzed some of questions and responses, giving us a better perspective on what friendship is! Feel free to continue to take and participate in our survey so we can better our results!
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How do you communicate?

When looking at the question, how do you communicate with your friends, almost a landslide of 52 people out of 55 responses said they communicate via texting. In second place, 52 out of the 55 people said they communicate face to face with their friends. From this survey it is safe to assume that the majority of people are communicating with their friends in more than one way. In fact, the majority of our responders are not only texting their friends, but meeting up with them face to face as well to communicate. Furthermore, I believe that this survey is also a testament on how our society is moving more into the technological age with the sweeping majority communicating via text messages and social media, but only 11 out of the 55 responses still communicate with letters.

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How many people do you hang out with?

When examining the graph above for the question, when you hang out with your friends, how many people are usually there, it is clear the majority only hangs out with one friend at a time. The graph displays that 43.6% of the responders, which is 24 people, choose the response “you and one friend”. It is clear to see from the chart that as the amount of people who are present increases, the present of people who choose this response decreases, with only 7.3% choosing the option “you and four more friends”. This is interesting, because it shows that the majority of our responders choose to hang out with only one or two friends at a time.

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When it comes to personality traits, most people tend to admire someone who can be supportive of them the most. More than 47% of people chose this answer. Another 27.3% of people appreciated a friend with a sense of humor the most. The outgoing personality came next with 10.9%. Spontaneous and quiet came in last place at 3.6 and 1.8% while 9.1% decided they appreciated a trait that was not on the list.

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What People do Together

Everyone likes to spend time with their friends. There are many activities to do together but eating has proved to be the most frequent pattern. Out of 55 people, 43 mentioned that eating together was something they loved. On the opposite end of the spectrum, hiking was the least popular activity among friends. In fact, activities where sitting was involved tended to be the more preferred way to spend time with friends. Overall, eating, watching a movie, and chatting over coffee were the most loved activities.

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Where did you meet your friends?

According to the graph, most people met their friends at school and out of 55 responses, 67.3% was the result. Church came in second with 14.5% of the responses. Other came in third with 10.9% of responses. Where family friends and neighborhood are very low percentage.

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If you had to choose one best friend, who would it be?

This question was open-ended and we grouped the answers by spouse, roommate, siblings, kids, parent, and other. Three people from the survey chose their spouse. Two people chose their roommate, two chose their siblings, one chose their kids, one chose a parent, and 46 chose a specific person.

In conclusion...

Overall, the results from our survey have given us a clearer picture on what friendship is and what people expect from their friends. Surprisingly we had 77 views on the survey, but only 55 responders, this means a small amount of people took time to view the page, but decided against taking the survey for whatever reason! Our 55 responders, however, did give us some clear pictures on friendship, with a great deal of responses having landslide results.