Yogi Farms' Organic Vegetables Menu

Weekly menu for organic vegetables at Studio 101

To order call 0832-2222101

Order fresh, organic vegetables at Studio 101

We're happy to announce that all of you interested in our organic vegetables can now order them from Studio 101 on Saturday's ONLY. Our organic farms, which are located in Taleigao, are the source of all our produce - which includes seasonal vegetables and salads.
See directions to Studio 101, Panjim on the right (click on the map)

Menu for Saturday, 2nd March, 2013

How you can order and collect your vegetables

1. This online menu will be updated by Yogi Farms every week. Just access to know what you can choose from.
2. Studio 101 will accept your orders via phone. However, your order must be placed by noon on the day before our delivery days (by noon on Monday for Tuesday pick ups, and by noon on Thursday for Friday pickups).
3. You should collect your orders from Studio 101 by lunchtime (1:00 PM) so that you can be sure of its availability. In case you aren't able to reach in time, they will be made available to other clients to avoid wastage of produce.

Available for pick-ups on Saturdays. Against pre-orders only.

Studio 101 (www.studio101.in)

We are passionate about fitness, health and holistic living and have established Studio 101 as a place to share this passion with others.

Yogi Farms

Yogi Farms is an experiment in organic farming by which are growing fresh, natural, delicious and healthy food for our community (in Panjim).