Our Nation Timeline News

Paige Nees, Editor-in-Chief

Workers Termoil, A Muckraking Expose

In New York City we learn disturbing news. Whether it's in the small town or big city, workers all across the nation are experiencing unfair tendencies and regulations. Disgusting working environments, back-breaking hours, and scandalous wages are just the very peak of what workers in American are forced into enduring. Then there are men like Rockefeller, business tycoons, who control huge amounts of our nations businesses. Instead of president ruling the nation Rockefeller has him in the palm of his hands.

Will We Have a 51st State Added to America?

Reporting from the Panama Canal, the Our Nation TImeline News sees the positive impact of what this canal is doing for the people here and with Roosevelt supporting the rebellion of Columbia, what does this mean for America? We aren't sure of it all but the Monroe Doctrine was made to make the Western Hemisphere out of reach of European colonization. Then, the Roosevelt Corollary makes the US able to intervene in Latin Americans nations affairs and "big sick policy" Roosevelt pledged to use armed forces of European countries evading Latin America. Again, what does this mean for the upcoming years? Will Roosevelt rope in Latin America into the states?

The US Stealing Hawaii for Under Her Own Nose

We are in Honolulu, Hawaii, where the Bayonet Constitution has limited king's power and there are no voting rights for citizens. Pearl Harbor has also been given to the US as a permanent naval port. Is the US taking advantage of the small islands or do they need our imperialism? Well adding Hawaii as the 50th state would expand our economics, military, and ideology. There is profitable trade and the US already has control over economy and land. We have Pearl Harbor, a naval base expanding our military. Having Hawaii as a state or as an American state baby spreads the idea of Christianity, culture, and democracy to other people. It would benefit America in many ways.

Attack on Lusitania

May 7th, 1915 the ocean liner was sunk in 18 minutes by a German torpedo. 1,098 and 128 innocent Americans were killed off the south coast of Ireland. Germany justified the attack by stating that the Lusitania was an enemy boat and was carrying artillery giving them the right to attack. What is our government going to do to justify Germany's actions. Will we be joining the allies in WW1 to fight for the unfair actions many countries are experiencing.

The Famous Charleston Dance

In New Orleans, the shocking Charleston dance is in and has never been bigger. The Charleston went crazy after a Broadway debut called Runnin Wild. The show ran from October 29, 1923 through June 28th, 1924 and is just now becoming the biggest dance of the decade. The dance consists of swinging and bending your legs and flapping your arms to the beat. The dance is such a shocker because women with their short dresses and accompanied by a man are dancing alone or with a man are exclusively showing off their stuff and moves. It's a beginning of a new dance and a new era for our women.

Louis Armstrong, Tooting Away

Louis was born on August 4th, 1901 in New Orleans, home of jazz. Nicknamed Satchemo for his big mouth, is the newest jazz trumpeter and singer. Armstong being recognized by his low scratchy voice will be known for decades to come. Louis Armstong came known with his band the Hot Five were he played piano and then become famous for singing and playing the trumpet.


Gilded Age; FOR SALE- Subway tickets

Gilded Age; WANTED- Rail road workers

Progressive; SERVICES- Immigrant settlements

WW1; WANTED-Factory jobs for women

WW1; SERVICES- Make your victory gardens today

Roaring 20s; FOR SALE- Colored T.V.

California, Biggest Natural Disaster

On April 8th, 5:18 a.m. in San Francisco, this morning, a huge earth quake hit the east coast of Northern California. Fires in the city are still burning and are trying to be contained. 3,000 people have died and over 80% of San Francisco is demolished. This is California's worst natural disaster that has ever hit this state.

Texas, Chisholm Trail

On the Chisholm Trail is a cattle trail starting on the Rio Grande or San Antonio and ended in Abilene, Kansas. With 5,000 cowboys and 5 million heads of cattle priced $40 per head with the cattle in Texas was only worth $4 per head. Jesse Chisholm and Lenape Black Beaver drove the first head of cattle to the rail head in Texas to be shipped off to the East.

New York, Uncle Sam's Fame

In Troy, New York, published on July 6th, 1916, on Leslie's Weekly, Uncle Sam was published and is an influence to recruit members for the military. Samuel Wilson born in Troy, New York, a man of fairness, honestly and devotion to his country was a meat packer who become the inspiration known as Uncle Sam.

New Jersey, Atlantic City

Reporting in "The World's Play Ground", Atlantic City, New Jersey, Prohibition has taken effect. Prohibition in Atlantic City has made alcohol illegal, prohibiting the production, transfer, and sale of alcohol. But, with the towns casinos comes easy to get away with "speakeasies" secret rooms to drink the illegal alcohol. With a town full of organized crime, who is going to enforce the Prohibition.