North Side News

August 20th - 24th

Exciting Day for North Side on Monday.......

Monday is our first day of preschool! North Side has not had preschool since the 2010-2011 school year. A big thanks to Casey Craft, Susan Hosford, Jane Hilterbrand, Dean Trumbull and Ralph Helmkamp for getting everything ready and into place for this special time.

TUESDAY IS PICTURE DAY!!!!! Refer to Jane's e-mail for the schedule. Pictures will be taken in the MakerSpace room.

What is happening at North Side.......

As I visited classrooms this week, I saw engaged students and passionate teachers and staff. Also, classes are starting to visit the Maker Space room. Mrs. Weldon's class did some coding and tried out their codes. Chelsey and Deaneen are working on a creative name for the room. here are a few options:

1. iCat (Innovate/imagine, create and tinker)

2. Wildcat Time (Wonder, Innovate/imagine, learn, discover, create and tinker)

What is your preference? or do you have a different idea? Please reach out to the three of us and share.

Purposeful Play is taking place in classrooms. Students are enjoying games and activities while learning how to socially work with others in a productive society.

Continue to INSPIRE, ENGAGE, and EMPOWER our students!!!!

Week of August 20th - 24th

BOY Benchmarking Continues - Raz, Ready Math and NWEA begins....

Monday, August 20th: PRESCHOOL BEGINS TODAY!!!!

PD - Safety meeting

10 am - Bus Presentation for 4th grade

12 pm - 4th and 5th grade teachers to meet with Stephanie to roster NWEA (Tina's room)

1 pm - Move-In CC - R.K. (Laura S., Anita, Stephanie, Jamie)

3 pm - BIP Update - R.W. (Stephanie, Keeley, Cory, Jamie, Amanda W., Laura P.)

Tuesday, August 21st: PICTURE DAY

8:20 am - Move-In Speech CC - Z.W. (Cory, Kelly K., Keeley)

8:30 am - Admin Meeting (Stephanie and Jamie)

1:45 pm - 3rd grade teachers to meet with Stephanie to roster NWEA (Kelli's room)

3 pm - Staff Meeting on Power Teacher Pro

3:30 pm - PTO Meeting

Wednesday, August 22nd:

1:30 pm - ACR - C.R. (Laura P., Stephanie, Angie)

3 pm - BIP Update - Z.J. (Stephanie, Cory, Laura P., Jen, Anita)

6 pm - Board Meeting

Thursday, August 23rd:

Jamie out all day at PAR Training

2:30 pm - Cory @ ELL Training

Friday, August 24th:

Cory out all day

3 pm - CPI Team Meeting (Laura P.'s room)

"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the actions steps." -Confucius-

Week of August 27th - 31st

**BOY Benchmarking continues for NWEA**

Monday, August 27th:

PD: PBIS and Social and Emotional Well-Being of Students

11:30-3:30 pm - Lawyer Session (Cory and Stephanie)

Tuesday, August 28th:

3 pm - Maker/Tech Meeting with Chelsey (all teachers in MakerSpace room)

6 pm - Kindergarten Parent Meeting on pilot report card

Wednesday, August 29th:

3 pm - Reading Committee Meeting

Thursday, August 30th:

**Bus Evacuations**

3-3:30 pm - Leadership meeting (SIP)

Friday, August 31st:

BOY Benchmarking comes to an end


I found this quote, and I hope this is how you see me as a part of our team.......

Please, please, please ask for my assistance, help, or to be a part of your planning, instruction, activities and more!!!!