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Symbol of Uranus

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How MY PLANET uranus got Its name

William Herschel discovered my planet on march 13 1781.

How MY PLANET URANUS was discovered

It was William Herschel on March 13 1781.

What MY PLANET uranus looks like

IT looks watery in the inside . In the outside it is made of liquid hydrogen. and also uranus has A rocky core.

Distances of MY PLANET Uranus

Order from the sun:7th planet

Distance from the sun in AU:3 billion km 1.8 mi

in km:2,875 km

Distance from the Earth in AU:

in km:millions of km

Orbit and Rotation of MY PLANET uranus

Number of days to orbit around the sun:It takes 30,684 days to orbit the sun.

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):17 Hours

What Water forms on Uranus

Just regular water forms on my planet.

Weather on MY PLANET

IT is very icy and very cold.

Rings and Satellites on MY PLANET Uranus

My planet has 11 rings .Its rings are black and are made of dust and large rocks.Uranus has 27 moons and they are satellites and all orbit uranus.Five of these worlds (Moons) are large while the rest are small.

Exploration to MY PLANET Uranus

Human colony on MY PLANET Uranus

Nobody would be able to survive on my planet because it really cold and uses gas (Methane) so you would probably sink in Uranus .And it is made of rock and ice.


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Atmosphere and Temperature of MY PLANET

it is Rocky and Icy and is - 184 celsius (-300 Fahrehneight.