The Pyramid Scheme

By Aaron Pack

About the Pyramid Scheme

This is a very common scam, and effects many people. This scam works by one person hiring others, and then those people hire others, and continues this process. The starter can earn millions and the distributors can barely make a living, and his scam targets everyone. Anyone involved other than the creator is harmed, and this scheme is illegal. The economic impact is terrible, leaving victims thousands of dollars in debt. This scheme is made believable by the thought that you may become very rich, very fast, but exactly the opposite happens. Yes, the average person could fall for this scheme. this scam relies on the greed of it's creator. This scam depends on emotions such as hope to try and make money, or make more of a profit.

What Should You Do After being Targeted by a Pyramid scheme?

Report the wrongdoing to the police, do not wait to call the police, to prevent others from becoming involved in the scheme. Also contact authorities such as the State Attorney General, and the Better Business Bureau to report the active Pyramid scheme.

How should You avoid the Pyramid Scheme?

Do research about a company or franchise before you invest your money. You can verify any legitimate business by conducting research on the attorney generals website, or by contacting the better business bureau. Be skeptical of success stories and fantastic wages.

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