The Anander Corral

Week of January 5th - 8th, 2016


is Lane Ryals!

Lane may bring a show and tell item this Friday.


We are super excited to kick off the last half of our school year. This is an exciting time over the next couple of months as your first grader begins to work independently on assignments. In the next few weeks, we will begin letting them read the comprehension/reading test on their own. Don't worry, we will support them until they begin to feel more confident in this area. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Upcoming Events!

January 18th - MLK, JR. Holiday - NO SCHOOL

We have no homework this week. We will use this week to review and work on needed skills.

A Peek at the Week

Spelling and Phonics Pattern: Review

ELACC1RF2AD, ELACC1RF3A-F – Applies Phonics and words analysis dkills to decode unfamiliar words

Grammar: Adjectives

ELACC1L4-6– Uses Strategies to determine the meaning of unknown and multiple meaning words.

Math: Place Value

MCC1.NBT2- Understands and uses place value

Science:Animals and hibernation