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In this Oct. 2016 issue:

Fall technology trainings, coding workshops, SchoolBlocks and a bonus of Captain Tech!


Fall Technology Trainings

All training events will be from 3:20-4:20 in the Hueneme Technology Training Center. Complete the form below to sign up.

G Suite for Beginners

Dates: Friday, Oct. 21 or Monday, Oct. 24 (3:20-4:20 pm)

Formerly knows as "Google Apps", G Suite includes all the google apps like Docs and Slides that you can use to get your students writing, creating, and practicing those 21st century skills.

Objective: familiarize NEW USERS with Google Drive, Docs and Slides. Please do not repeat this training if you have already participated in it.

SeeSaw Digital Portfolio

Dates: Friday, October 28 (3:20-4:20 pm)

Help your students create digital portfolios and share their learning with each other, creating an authentic audience. SeeSaw is available on any device.

Objective: experience adding content to a journal, learn how it can fit into your lesson plans and will help students curate their best work.

Google Classroom

Dates: Thursday, November 3 or Friday November 4 (3:20-4:20 pm)

This management tool will make using Google Apps with your students so much easier-- naming and sharing automatically and making feedback simple!

Objective: Learn how to manage Google Assignments, encourage productive collaboration, and facilitate discussions through Google Classroom.

Hyperdocs for Student Paced Learning

Dates: Thursday November 17 (3:20-4:20 pm)

Come learn about Hyperdocs-- a lesson packaged in a Google Doc or Slide deck, allowing students to progress through research, skills practice, and reflection at their own pace. Understanding of Google Docs is helpful.

Objective: Explore already created and shared Hyperdocs and learn the process to create your own.

Coding Curriculum Workshop

Coding Workshop for all Teachers (free)

Saturday, Nov. 19th, 8am-2:30pm

622 East Pleasant Valley Road

Port Hueneme, CA

This curriculum is appropriate for all grades, especially since our students have limited experience with coding. So, jr high teachers THIS IS FOR YOU, TOO!!!

In this free workshop, you will learn how the curriculum they provide will help you teach many content standards as well as the 4Cs of 21st century learning: collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity.

These workshops are offered around the state, but we are bringing one to Hueneme just for you! Get more information in the PDF flyer below, and save your spot by clicking on the REGISTER HERE button.

REGISTER HERE for 11/19 Code.org workshop

Get more information and scroll to the bottom to register and save your seat. See you Nov. 19th!

SchoolBlocks Website

Want to get started using you teacher page of your school website? Awesome! Learn about blocks and how to add them on my teacher page or use the Google Slides interactive "cheat sheet".

EdcampHESD 2016 was Awesome!

Thank you to all the teachers and administrators who attended and LOVED EdcampHESD! It was a great day of pancakes, raffle prizes and amazing conversations about teaching. Be on the lookout for the next Edcamp and join in. Collaborating, connecting with other teachers, developing the tools in our teacher tool boxes... that's what it's all about!

What is new with Captain Tech and the Evil Malware?

Episode 2: Internet Denied!

What can you do when the internet isn't connecting? Captain Tech shares a few things to try before submitting a support ticket.
Captain Tech-Season 1-Episode 2

Episode 3: Promethean Board

Do you have a Promethean board in your classroom? Captain Tech can show you how to fix a few common problems.
Captain Tech - Season 1 - Episode 3

Liz Hoppe, technology resource teacher

Enjoy learning with your students, integrating technology and watching your students bloom as you get to know them better this month!