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Anastasia and The Reniassance period.

Anastasia Romanov

The Romanov family is very famous for their mysterious murder. Mandy secrets lie behind the closed doors of this royal family, this is some of what caused their murder. There is rumors that Anastasia and her younger brother, Alexei, escaped the execution, but now we have evidence that, in fact, that this is accusation is false. Anastasia and her family died because of the actions of Alexandra.
Anastasia Romanov was the youngest daughter of the last Tsar of Russia. Anastasia had three older sisters and one younger brother. Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and her younger brother, Alexei. She and her family died because Alexandra had made poor choices for the government, then a good friend tried to convince her that she needs to hand everything over to her husband. She disagreed with her friend because she thought her choices were right. Instead, they were affecting the people and the people disagreed. This is exactly why they died. The Bolsheviks had murdered the Romanovs on July 16th in 1918. In their own basement.

The Renissance Period

What's the Renissance?

The Renaissance. This period came after the destruction of war. Renaissance means "rebirth", the people rediscovered mathematicians, scientists, artists, writers, and many more. The Renissancd This period made people think again after the destruction of war, consisting of many people.

About the Renissance

One of the people in this period was Masaccio. He didn't paint as much as others but he was highly influential. There was also Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelango, Raphael, and so many others! All influential people part of this era. There were people that were artists, political speakers, scientists, writers, mathematicians, sculptors, architects, inventors, and so much more. This period also lasted centuries, filled with all these people and new things.