The Paw Print

April 2020

Art Studio News

Hello McLean Wildcats! I hope you and your family are doing well. I miss seeing everyone. I especially miss seeing you create art. Like I said in the video, although we won't be together in the Art Studio, we can find ways to stay creative! Below you will find a couple of art ideas that you can do. Remember this is optional and will not be graded.

You can communicate with me at My Office Hours are Monday's 10:00am-12:00pm.


1. Art For Kids Hub (YouTube)

2. Observation Drawings of things around your house (lamp, shoes, fruit, a favorite toy)

Take Care!

Mrs. Adams

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Science News

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I miss seeing everyone and doing science with you! There are lots of fun science activities you can do at home. Cooking is a great example of putting reading, math and science all together! Here are two other ideas:

· Create a scavenger hunt for yourself or a family member. First, make a chart to record the data. Next, choose a room in your house (such as the kitchen) and observe the following:

1. How many items are made of wood?

2. How many items are made of metal?

3. How many items are made of glass (or plastic)?

Repeat in two other rooms of your house. Which material was used the most?

· Choose a short video to watch from

There is a new video each week, but you can scroll down to see the many videos that have already been posted!

I am taking lots of walks in this nice, spring weather. I hope you can enjoy being outside too. There is so much science to notice outside!

Take care!

Zerrin Oelze

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Tech Bytes

Wildcats, come share your creativity and say hi to your classmates on Flipgrid. New prompts will be posted each week. Check back often to see what your friends have posted!

See you soon!

Ms. Schaper

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Check it out at the Library

Hey McLean Wildcats!

I miss you all so much and I hope you all are doing well. I have a couple of story ideas for you while we are away from McLean:

1. You can visit BookFlix from our Kansas Online Library. This website by Scholastic allows you to select fiction and nonfiction stories watch. You will find this application on the right hand side of the screen once you click on the link below.


2. You can create your own Story Stones. Gather stones/rocks and draw or paint pictures on them. Then use them to tell stories to your family.

Other Library News:

If you have a current McLean school library book at home, the school district has decided that you can return it in August when school starts back up for the 2020-2021 school year.

Attention 3rd-5th graders:

If you read at least 2 William Allen White books this year, you may click the link below to cast your vote on which book you think deserves to be the winner. You may vote only once and be sure enter your name on the top of the form.

Voting link:

Take Care,

Mrs. Daniels

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Music Notes

Hello Wildcats! I hope you are doing well and finding new ways to enjoy and make music. I’m home with my two cats attending workshops over the computer and developing new ideas for the music classroom. (I’m practicing the ukulele too.) I hope you are finding new ways to learn and making the most of the sunshine. Here’s two ideas for you.


1. Pick a song you really know the tune (melody) of and then rewrite the words (lyrics).

2. Pick your topic based on something in your daily life that you are enjoying doing. For example: walks, cooking, exercising, reading, etc.….

3. Once you’ve got your words to fit, practice and then perform it for your family…you can even teach it to them!

4. If you can, write it down and take a picture of your words, be sure to include the tune you are using.

5. If you can, record yourself singing your song, and hopefully, we will soon have a way for you to share it with me.

6. Super advanced idea: write the stick rhythms above the words. It’s good to challenge yourself.

Here’s a sample:

Sung to the tune of: “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”

Topic: Looking out my windows

I’ve been looking out my windows, while I eat my lunch.

I can see the squirrels and bunnies, birds and mallard ducks.

They are eating all the birdseed I put out each day.

They don’t fight or fuss when eating, they just munch away.

Duckies won’t you eat, bunnies won’t you eat, yellow finches, doves and robins too!

Squirrels quit climbing the birdfeeders and hanging upside down!

I am in the kitchen with my lunch, kitties have their food here too – oo –oo –oo.

We all watch the show out by the pond! How I wish that you could too!!!!

There’s more melody – but I’ll stop there. Could you sing my words???


INSTRUMENTS NEEDED: 1. A box 2. Metal can 3. Two pieces of silverware (cutlery) 4. A lid

(You can use the eraser end of a pencil as a mallet for # 1, 2, & 4)

This is a fun percussion play-a-long video to the “Can Can” from the Musication channel on YouTube. Focus on one part as your dots scroll along and get your family to play the others. J Or teach yourself all four parts!

There are MANY cool videos for you to check out on Musication. If you have any instrument at home that plays individual notes, you can use the boom whacker videos too!

My email is and my office hours are on Wednesdays from 1-3 PM. I'd love to hear from you.

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P.E. Shorts

Resources for Being Active- Internet

The Sweat Box- Fitness PE Home learning- The PE Shed

Ideas for Being Active at Home-No Internet

  • Go for a walk with your family and find different kinds of leaves
  • Create a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood.
  • Go for a bike ride.
  • Jump on the trampoline.
  • Take your dog for a walk.
  • Wash your car - ask your parents first!!
  • Draw hopscotch or make a movement pathway with sidewalk chalk.
  • Jump rope

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You can find more activities from Science, Social Studies, Art, P.E., Music, and Library on the district's continuous learning page linked below. New activities will be added each week.