Your Phone is Killing You!

The Silent Killers

Your Phone Could Ruin Your Life

This article was about smartphones and how they can harm you. Smart phones are very distracting and can cause people to get hurt. In this story there was a story about a girl getting ran over by a car because she was distracted by her phone. You can also be distracted when you need to be doing your homework or chores which will lead to not getting them done on time. There is also some good things about having a smartphone such as if you are stuck in the rain you can call someone to pick you up.

Do You Think Digital Distraction Is A Big Issue For Learners Today?

Yes I think digital distraction is an issue because people are not getting there work done because they are always on there phones. Students are also not paying attention in class they are getting on there phone when they should be listening. "Your phone is constantly calling your attention." "

By: Abby Rand

How Will This Article Change My Cell Phone Usage?