Animal Behavior College

Valencia, California

Basic School Information

  • Located in Valencia, California
  • They provide programs like the dog obedience program, grooming instruction program, dog obedience classroom program, and the veterinary assistant program.
  • Tuition for the veterinary assistant school/program ranges from $2,995 to $5,095, depending on the chosen payment plan. ( This covers all learning materials, including the hands-on training externship.
  • To enroll in ABC programs you must have a high school diploma, GED, high school equivalency or pass the Ability to Benefit Test, must be at least 18 years of age, must pass the exam of basic English and math skills, must have a phone interview, and disclose all past felony convictions.
  • Its an online school and no student housing.
  • They have certified over 10,000 dog trainers.

All About Animal Behavior College

Location Informaton

Fun things to do in Valencia, California:

  • Six Flags/water parks
  • Hiking places/trails
  • Shopping (Town center)
  • Mall
  • Markets
  • Spas
  • Fun Center


  • Average January low 44.8 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Average July high 85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 44 rain days a year
  • Humidity is 65%

Paying For College:

I plan on paying for college through-

  • Financial Aide
  • Scholarships
  • Offered scholarships/money from friends and family

Achieving High School Goals:

My goals for the next 2 years are:

  • maintaining a high GPA (like 4.0)
  • doing more volunteer work
Classes I will take to help with my college goals:

  • Chemistry
  • Algebra ll
  • Computer Applications
  • PreCalculus
  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • Body Works
  • Basic Medical Skills

Available Volunteer work as Training

Volunteer at a Clinic or the Humane Society
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Animal Behavior College

This is a college for people that are serious about a career in pet grooming, dog training, or being a vet assistant.