North Side Family Flyer

September 2021

Parent/Teacher Conferences - Wednesday, September 15th, 3:30-7:30 p.m. Sign-Up sheet coming home soon.

Almost a month into the year!

North Side Families,

We are almost 30 days into school and I hope you have had the chance to speak with your child's classroom teacher at least once. Open communication between home and school is so important to your child's success!

Parent/Teacher conferences are approaching and I encourage all of you to sign up for a time and meet with the teacher to see how your child is doing in school. There is more to school than academics! Ask if your child has friends, do they know how to solve problems when in a disagreement with another student? Ask if they participate in class or are they quiet and seem like they are too afraid to share out and discuss. Find out how your child handles a challenge - do they break down and give up or do they persevere and keep trying because they are going to figure it out no matter what! Ask how they treat the new kid, do they introduce themselves or act like strangers?

You would be amazed how different your child might be in a classroom setting compared to home. We all want your child/our student to be a well rounded individual and we all can learn a lot about them through conversation. From these discoveries, we can work as a team to mold them into productive citizens of society!

Please know that I am always available for help and support as well. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out. The school office number is (260) 347-1354 and my e-mail is

Yours in education,

Stephanie Leasure


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September Activities Updates:

As you have seen, Covid is on the rise again, which means, we are slowing/tightening the reins on visitors in the building. Here are the different activities we have/had planned for September and how they will be adjusted:

Grandparent's Day - We are sad to announce that we must cancel this event due to the visitor restriction policy.

Book Fair - week of September 13th-17th; Students will browse through the books and make a wish list. Orders will be filled by school personnel and given to students at the end of the week.

Parent/Teacher Conferences - Wednesday, September 15th from 3:30-7:30 p.m.; Only 2 people may attend per family.

September 20th - 24th: College and Career Go Week, bringing awareness of college and trades to students

Fall Fundraiser - Begins on Wednesday, September 22nd; We ask that students only sell to family and friends, practicing social distancing to keep themselves safe.

FALL BREAK - Monday, October 4th - Friday, October 8th

Student Drop Off/Pick Up:

Car Drop Off:

Drop off takes place at Door 3. Please pull up past door 3, so that multiple cars may drop off at the same time. Parents should not need to exit your car when dropping your student off. Please do your best to have your student exit the car on the right side for safety purposes.

Say your good byes, give kisses, etc... when waiting in line if possible to make the drop off quicker so that the line does not back up. We appreciate your help with this!

Car Pick Up:

We have many students who are car riders. In order for our line to run smoothly, we need your help! Please have your car tag visible for our staff member so they may call your students name. Follow the car line and pull forward as far as possible. When the line moves forward, please continue to pull forward, even if your child is walking the sidewalk. This allows us to board multiple students into cars at one time.

If you do not have a car tag, you will be asked to pull around to the front of the building to work with the office for verification of pick up of the student. Please know this is for the safety of the student.

Information From Our North Side Office Staff:

As a courtesy to our office staff, please try to avoid making phone calls to the office from 7:50-8:10 a.m. and from 2:30-2:50 p.m. During these timeframes we are working to get students into classes or ready to head home on busses or by car. We don't want to miss anything or make mistakes. We appreciate your help with this!

Office Reminders:

1. Book rental rates are located online at the East Noble website. You may pay it all at once or make payments each month, due on the 15th. Final payment is due on February 15th. Please know that if you are inquiring about free or reduced textbook fees, you MUST complete the free/reduced lunch application form. Call the school if you have any questions.

2. If your child is ill, please call our office and let us know by 9 a.m. if at all possible. Our office number is (260) 347-1354. If you believe the illness is Covid related, please ask to speak with Nurse Whitney. Other ways to contact us, e-mail Nurse Whitney at or Stephanie Leasure, Principal at

3. Please contact the office by 1:30 p.m. if you need to make changes to your child's transportation home for the day. We cannot guarantee the changes when you call after 1:30 p.m. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THIS! Please note that the office phone may be on night ring during dismissal, please leave a message and we will call you right back as soon as dismissal is complete.

4. If your child is a car rider, please make sure to use your car tags each day. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE CAR TAGS, PLEASE STOP AT THE OFFICE TO GET SOME RIGHT AWAY!

5. If you need to change your child's bus or start bus transportation, please follow these steps:

Bus Change or Start Up Requests

If you need to change your bus location, please go to the North Side website,, and follow these directions:

Click on the "Menu" at the top of the home page. Click the “For Families” tab and then the "Transportation" tab. When the drop down menu appears, you will see a link called “Transportation Change Request.” When you click that link, you will be taken to a form that you can fill out and submit electronically. It will notify transportation via email that a request has been submitted and they will begin working on fulfilling the request. Once arrangements have been made and confirmed with drivers, transportation will communicate the arrangements to parents.

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"Wildcat Way" Tickets - PLEASE CELEBRATE!!

ENSC has taken a focus on the social emotional learning of students and staff. With this, each school is implementing the School Wide-Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) with Restorative Practice framework. To learn more about PBIS, visit this link,

If you are a returning parent, you have heard us talk about ROARS, this was our previous acronym for our school-wide expectations. As we are re-establishing and updating our PBIS framework, we have decided to move away from that and we are now implementing NEW school-wide expectations. North Side's SCHOOL-WIDE EXPECTATIONS ARE: WE ARE RESPECTFUL, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE, WE ARE SAFE. Students and staff will learn this and follow procedures throughout different locations that fall under these 3 expectations, including in the classroom.

As adults, we appreciate being acknowledged for doing a great job! Well, this is also true for students! We will be implementing "Wildcat Way" tickets to ACKNOWLEDGE students for being respectful, responsible and/or safe. Students will bring home the ticket shown above. PLEASE DISCUSS AND CELEBRATE HOW PROUD YOU ARE OF THEM FOR RECEIVING THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT/TICKET!!! THIS WILL ALSO MEAN SO MUCH TO THEM! Maybe even find a spot at home to put them......

Students will be entered in classroom drawings, monthly school drawings and an end of year drawing for fun activities or prizes.

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Before and After School Care located at NORTH SIDE..........

East Noble School Corporation has teamed up with Champions to provide a before and after school program for students in our district. Champions' Cognia accredited program is conveniently located at North Side Elementary School. If interested, go to to learn more. You may also enroll your child(ren) on this site as well.

September 6 (no school) – CHAMPIONS WILL BE CLOSED.

October 1st is an eLearning day – Champions will be open at NORTH SIDE for All Day Care 6:30am-6:00pm

Fall Break - 10/4-10/8 – Champions will be open at NORTH SIDE 6:30am-6:00pm

November 5th is an eLearning day – Champions will be open at NORTH SIDE 6:30am-6:00pm.

November 24th (school closed) – Champions will be open at NORTH SIDE 6:30am-6:00pm

Winter Break 12/27-12/30- Champions will be open for an all day program at North Side 6:30am-6:00pm


February 21st School Closed (President's Day) – CHAMPIONS WILL BE CLOSED.

Spring Break 3/28-4/8 – Champions will be open at North Side for an all day Program 6:30am-6:00pm

Good Friday 4/15 – Champions will be Closed.



Doors Open/Breakfast – 8:15

(Grab-n-Go Breakfast if arrive after 8:35)

School Starts - 8:45

School Ends - 2:40 (bell rings)

Tuesday - Friday

Doors Open/Breakfast – 7:30

(Grab-n-Go Breakfast if arrive after 7:50)

School Starts – 8:00

School Ends – 2:40 (bell rings)

Cafeteria NEWS!!!

Are you taking advantage of our FREE school breakfast and lunch?

Students receive a well-balanced meal with fresh fruit and vegetables. Breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m. (8:15 on Mondays). Please contact food services if you have any questions.

For our lunch menu, download the East Noble app below. Click on the school in the top right corner and tap on North Side. Once on North Side's page, tap the 3 lines at the top left corner and touch "dining" and you will find our lunch menu for each day of that week.

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Have you downloaded our district app? It gives you access to information, events and schedules for all buildings!



Student attendance is important to their education! Covid is definitely taking a toll on this, but we ask that you continue to model for your child(ren) that school and their education is a priority. If they are not ill, send them to school. If they are not ill, make sure they make it to school on time. School hours are listed above.


Our first fire drill went very well. We will continue to have monthly fire drills. Other drills that we will participate in this school year include: tornado drills, earthquake drills, shelter in place, lockdown drills, an off-site relocation drill and two bus evacuation drills. We practice all of these drills to ensure that students and staff know what to do in case of an emergency.

Please note that I also work closely with Mrs. Leasure and Nurse Whitney to oversee the Covid protocols put into place to keep our students and staff healthy and safe during these difficult times. Please visit for the ENSC 2021-2022 School Year Opening Plan: Health, Safety, and School Environment Protocols. It has been updated once and more updates are coming very soon.

Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions on the drills we practice or how we are keeping your child safe in our school environment during Covid-19 protocols. The school number is (260) 347-1354 and my e-mail is

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Sources of Strength will be the curriculum used and the focus in grades K and 3-5. We will focus on what strengths are and where each student gathers his/her strength. As we continue to move through the curriculum, we will focus on many different aspects of the Sources of Strength wheel. This curriculum has been shown to increase youth-adult connectedness, increase peer leaders in the school setting and increase acceptability to receiving help for those youth needing to seek help. The kindergarten curriculum is a pilot program this year and we are more than excited to be partnering with Sources of Strength to introduce it to our younger grade levels. Grades 1-2 counseling lessons will focus on the needs of the classroom. Other items focused on throughout the year are bullying, career readiness, good and bad touch, coping skills as well as any other social emotional needs that may come up throughout the school year. As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at or by phone at 260-347-1354.

Nurses Corner:

Covid numbers are on the rise! Please keep your child(ren) home if they are ill and experiencing Covid-like symptoms. If your child has been sent home on quarantine, please know that we are following CDC guidelines as directed. We do understand the stress this puts on families. We will continue to work together with you to make school a safe and healthy environment for our students.

If you have any concerns or questions, you may reach me by e-mail at or call the school at (260) 347-1354. If I am not available, please feel free to speak with Mrs. Leasure.

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Please collect Box Tops and send into school in a baggie or join the online Box Top App and scan your receipts. This earns money back for the school through our PTO

Upcoming North Side Events:

Monday, September 6th - No School, LABOR DAY

Wednesday, September 8th - Board Meeting, 6 p.m.

September 13th - 17th - Scholastic Book Fair (Order online or send payment in with student)

Tuesday, September 14th - PTO Meeting, 3:30 p.m.

Wednesday, September 15th - Parent/Teacher Conferences, 3:30-7:30 p.m.

September 20th - 24th - College and Career Go Week, more info to come

Wednesday, September 22nd - Fall Fundraiser Begins.....

Thursday, September 23rd and Friday, September 24th - SCHOOL-WIDE SCIENCE DAYS

Monday, October 4th - Friday, October 8th - FALL BREAK