For Darkness Shows The Stars

Joan Merrell

Character Analysis

Elliot: An eighteen year old girl who lives in the higher class. Her and her family doesn't use technology. When she was younger she had a childhood friend named Kai. She used to like him, but now her feelings have gotten stronger.

Kai: An eighteen year old boy who used to live in the lower class but now he lives in the higher class. When he was younger his childhood friend was Ellliot, they were really close and he had feelings for her. He wanted her to run away with him, but she refused and he got angry with her and left.


Introduction: The main character name is Elliot who is the Luddite Family. They are the higher class people kind of and they don't use technology.

Rising Action: Her dad destroyed her wheat farm just to build a racetrack. She worked really hard on it but her dad doesn't care. Later they find out someone famous is gonna rent a room and use one of the slaves to build a new ship.

Climax: She finds out her childhood friend Kai is Captain Wentforth. They used to be lovers but now he gives her the cold shoulder. Kai breaks her heart and takes an interest into another girl. Elliot is heartbroken but does not show it, Kai makes rude comments and just hates Elliot and the family in general. When her grandfather died they read his will out loud and basically everything is being transferred to her especially the estate.

Falling Action: The family tries to get her to sign the estate to them but she refuses.

Conflict: The people started a riot just because she wouldn't sign over the estate to the people.

Theme: The moral of story is, is that people would do anything for love.


This story is about a eighteen year old girl that was raised with a family who outlawed technology. When she was a young little girl she had a childhood friend named Kai they were so close and they used to had a major crush on each other. Although four years ago Kai asked Elliot to run away with him, but she refused to go to help with her family. Kai was mad at her and left. They finally see each other again after years Kai is still angry at Elliot for not going with him. Elliot still likes him but this time it has grew even more. Later on Kai starts to develop some feelings for a girl name Olivia. Elliot is heartbroken but hides her emotions. Elliot grandfather died by a stroke and they read his will out loud then find out Elliot gets a lot of things especially the Estate. People tried to force Elliot to sign over the estate to them but she refuses to.
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