Online Resources

Best Resources for the Classroom Online

First year Teacher

This video is an inspiring video to keep in mind for tough times and first year teachers. It is from my hometown Olathe, Kansas.

First Year Teaching Documentary

Surfing the Net with Kids

Surfing the Net with Kids is a great site because it is divided up into content areas. Then from there it is divided into topics in that content area. For example if you click on math you can find tons of resources for teaching money. You can also click on the grade level that you are looking for. My favorite topic is American History. If you click on geography there is a list of resources a teacher could use to help with American history. This site makes resources easy to find and use in the classroom.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers site is great for lesson plan ideas, worksheets, and posters for around the room. This site is made up of things that other teachers have made for their classroom and are selling them. Teachers do not need to create worksheets or posters for the classroom. If you sign up for teachers pay teachers they offer 10 free resources every week. They are usually holiday themed as well.

School Tube

School Tube is a great site for videos to use in the classroom. I found a couple of videos about social issues in the classroom such as cyber bullying and disability awareness. These could be great videos to help classrooms that may be struggling with certain issues. These videos could help get the attention of the students before the lesson.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a site from the Discovery channel. Like Surfing the Net with Kids it is divided up into content areas and grades. This site has lots of interactive ideas for a lot of topics. You click on a content area and then it is divided up into different topics.

Cool Math

Cool math games is a site full of math games. It is a great resource to know for a math center or just for a little bit more brain work. I know plenty of students who love to spend their free time on the computer on Cool math games. And you know that all the games are safe for kids.

PBS Kids

PBS kids is a great website for kids to practice a lot of different skills such a reading and math. They also love seeing all of their favorite characters while they play the games. Like the Cool math games all of the games are safe for kids to use online.

Learning Ally

I am especially passionate children learning how to read. With that being said the website Learning Ally is a great resource to help students with dyslexia. They make reading accessible for everyone. They provide audiobooks to help students with dyslexia in the classroom. This resource also provides helpful tips for parents and for adult readers. You have to become a member but this seems like a great member to part of.

Busy Teachers

The website Busy Teachers is committed to saving new teachers time. Let's be honest your first few years are the hardest because you are making new lesson plans for scrap and creating your whole classroom. This site is divided up into worksheets, ESL, and seasonal. Not that many resources but it is still a useful site to know.

ED Puzzle

Ed puzzle may have a few things to sort out but, it is a great way to personalize a youtube video. For example I added questions to my video to further explain what was going on in the video.

US and Finnish Educational Reform Trajectories: a comparison
Play it Safe - School Bus


The Iris website has a lot of resources for problem solving and helping students with disabilities. The modules are really helpful ways to learn what to do and how you can help the tricky students.

National Geographic

The National Geographic site has a lot of great science and geography resources. They are not divided up into grades so you would have to use your own judgement on what is age appropriate and what is not. However, I think the videos would be a great way to engage the students.