HOA Happenings

December 18, 2020

for K-12 families of HOA

A message from our Principal

I want to provide a few pieces of targeted information that you will find helpful before we head off for a much needed Winter Break! All teachers & staff are taking the break off - our office will be closed and teachers will not be online. We'll all be back on January 4th rested & raring to go!

Though students are not required to work over the break, many find it a good time to catch up if they are behind. If you require technical assistance during Winter Break, please call 503-889-8956.

December 18th will be the last meal distribution day for the District. Meal service will resume January 4th. If you need help determining your stop, you can call our office at 503-844-1050 and Cayla or Kristina can help you out (when they're back on the 4th).

I wish you a wonder Winter Break and an essential break from the computer screen!

-Linda Harrington

Returning to your Neighborhood School at the Semester

Families wishing to return to their neighborhood school at the end of Semester 1 should start the process before Winter Break to ensure everything is in place for a February 2nd start. A In-District Transfer is NOT required to return to your neighborhood school.

Please follow the procedure below:

  • Email HOA & the Transfer Department to withdraw your current transfer (example below)
  • Contact your neighborhood school to re-enroll

Email addresses:



Sample email:

This email is to officially notify the Hillsboro School District that I, (PARENT'S NAME), wish you withdraw the 2020-2021 in-district transfer to HOA for my child, (STUDENT'S NAME). We will be re-enrolling at (NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL) and have contacted/will be contacting them to complete the process.

Big picture

Planning for the 2021-2022 school year!

A reminder that In-District Transfers expire at the end of the school year and a new transfer application will need to be submitted for the upcoming school year.

The Communication Department will be emailing families next week encouraging you to submit your Continuation Transfer for the 2021-2022 school year during the Priority Window (January 1-31) to secure your spot for the upcoming school year. Families will receive notification of their transfer status by early March.

Families are still able to apply for transfers after the Priority Window but will not receive a response until the school year ends.

K-2 fun!

It was great seeing the K-2 families & students that came to the Drive-Thru celebration with their teachers this past Thursday! Photos can be found on the HOA Facebook page:


If you didn't have a chance to stop by, you can swing by the school in January to pick up your goodies!