A message from the Superintendent

Chris Lennox

May 29, 2020

Dear Mounds View community,

In the wake of the disturbing and preventable death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, I want to acknowledge that many of our students, families and staff are struggling right now. Please know that we share your outrage and grief. The feelings of fear, a loss of trust and injustice are only made worse because we’re not in school together.

Even though we’re not physically together to discuss this tragic event and the violent unrest we’re seeing, we can offer some support.

If your student wants to talk, please reach out to your school staff. Our administrators, teachers and staff are all here to help and have access to appropriate resources. We know that connecting with a trusted adult, community partner or family member is most important when students want to process or talk about what they are experiencing. They are here to listen, learn and support.

Our school district is just one part of our larger community, but we play an important role. We strive to do our part to build an environment that embraces and welcomes everyone. We sometimes fail in that mission when a student, a family or a staff member feels unseen, unheard or unwelcome. Please be assured that we’ll never stop listening, learning and working to fulfill our responsibilities to our community. Because when our families feel pain, we feel it as well.

Please take care,

Chris Lennox


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