Mercy Otis Warren

By: Audrey Pham


Mercy Otis Warren was a writer. She was born and raised in Barnstable, MA. She is famous for her works which insulted the loyalists such as The Adulateur and The Massachusetts Spy. Her favorite color was blue. She was friends with John and Abigail Adams.


Her father had two sons and provided both of them with education. The oldest brother decided not to attend college, so she, the youngest, was allowed to take it. She studied along with her brother while he attended Harvard. One of her brother's classmate ended up as her wife.

Impact on American History

She was influenced by her father, husband, and brother because they were all strong patriots. If you would visit their house, there would be a debate politics. She composed political poetry and staged performance even when she never seen one. She published a three-volume history of the American Revolution. Her writing has convinced many people in Massachusetts to become Patriots. She was the only woman who published books, plays, and poetry.

Notable Quote

"Democratic principles are the result of equality of condition."

Mercy Otis Warren Statue

She has been called the "First Lady of the American Revolution." She was the only woman to write a pamphlet that suggested a Bill of Rights to be included in the Constitution.