Pre-K All Day News

March 15- April 11

Important Dates

Spring break- March 21- March28

International Night- Thursday, March 31

Observations (email your child's teacher if you are unsure of your time)

Room 9: Wednesday, April 13

Room 8: Thursday, April 14 and Friday, April 15

Integrated Learning

The all day pre-K students are having a great time learning about dinosaurs! We have kicked off our study with a look at carnivores vs. herbivores and the children have really enjoyed learning the differences between the two dinosaur groups and fun facts about each. Did you know that most herbivores had plates or spikes to help guard them against the sharp teeth and claws of carnivores? Next, we will dig deeper as we learn about paleontologist, fossils and volcanoes. And yes, what volcano study could possibly be complete without a little baking soda and vinegar experiment!


Pre-K students are exploring what happens when white is added to a color. They are using fingerpaints to mix white with a color (orange, red, blue, green and purple) to create a lighter version of that color. They are learning these light tints of colors are called pastels. Next, they will discover what happens to colors when black is added. Consider an exploration for pastel colors in your home; how many can you find?

Social Studies

With Spring Break right around the corner, we have taken some time in social studies to talk about favorite family vacation spots! We have a very well traveled bunch here in All Day Pre-K! Next, we take a look at the extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Science and Garden

Our vegetables are really starting to grow! Outside we have planted onions, potatoes, carrots, and swiss chard and inside we have planted various greens on our hydroponics tower.


Our next two letters are "Bb" and "Qq." Each lesson includes a book all about our letter of focus; demonstration and practice of proper letter formation, and a brainstorming time to come up with words that start with our literacy letter. Children also have the opportunity to explore and much more


This month in Spanish we are working with numbers 1-10. Games such as "Take Down" and "Memory Match" are favorites this year! Ask your child how to say "10" in Spanish.

Ask your child...

What sound does "b' make?

What are some words that start with "B"?

What sound "q" make?

What does a paleontologist do?

What do plants need to grow?