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Welcome Newsletter - September 7th, 2019

What Happened to August...?!

Can you believe it's already that time of year again..?! Summer seemed to have flown by way faster than normal, and here we are... the end of our first week of school!! Pumpkin Latte, what..!? I hope everyone had an easy transition into their new classrooms, bus schedules and routines so far!

The teachers and staff here at GJDC, Inc are wayyyyy excited to get started and dance with all of you next week. We cannot wait to hug on all of our returning students and welcome all of our new ones!! This year is going to be FABULOUS!!

The first week of dance classes are always a bit hectic. Everyone's seeing each other for the first time since May (unless you danced through Summer!)... everyone's excited... everyone's trying to figure out what class to go into.. Parent's come in to make sure everyone's happy and to hug on the teachers and rub Mrs. Haley's belly... there are people EVERYWHERE.... agggghhhh...

Here are a few reminders to keep this coming week running as smoothly as possible.

*Please do not wait until right before a certain class to register your child. Many classes are already full and we don't want anyone disappointed. If you still need to register for a class, please go to and register online.

If you would like to add a class or need online account help with the front office, it would be very helpful to wait until after the class hour starts (and the lobby dies down) to speak with Mrs. Haley. That way, all new parents can ask for help and information and not have to wait for people to fill out paperwork at the window.

* Dancers can get ready/sit in the "Dancer Hall" until the doors open for their classes. Teachers will be popping out to let everyone know when it's time to start and what room to go into (if different from the schedule). Moms and Dads can drop off their child(ren) and wait in the lobby, outside on the benches, in their cars, or go run errands... as long as you're back at the end of their class time. {Note: Once class lets out, there is no one who can "watch" the students, as teachers will be going into their next classes. Please be prompt when picking up the kids and make sure they know not to go outside unless they are with you!! Also, please do not drop off kids more than 15 minutes before their class times for the same reason. If you have a special situation, just alert the front office. }

* Please arrive at the studio 10-15 mins. before your scheduled class time. This way you can get your dance shoes on, go to the bathroom, say hi to(or meet new) friends, and get ready to start your class on time, and not miss any of the most important part of the class - the welcome, stretch and conditioning!

* This may sound silly... but have your child(ren) go to the bathroom before you leave the house. There are usually 3 dance rooms going at the same time. When they let out, new kids arrive..... that's a LONNGGGGG line if everyone has to go to the bathroom at the same time.

* Bring water for your dancer!! SODAS/Tea/Starbucks are NOT ALLOWED in the dance rooms. Cold water bottles are also available for purchase for $1 with Mrs. Haley at the front office.

* Write your students' names on ALL dance shoes. We have a Lost & Found that usually stays full all year...... with shoes that have no names....

* All ComboI and ComboII students will take ballet and tap shoes (preferably in a dance bag) in their classrooms with them. They will not come out of the room to change shoes and will have help if needed. During this time, if they have expressed a need for the bathroom, they will be able to go then.

* Try to have correct attire and shoes for all classes. Dress code is available online on our website if you did not see it when registering. We understand that it is the first week and some shoes, leotards, etc are on order. Students will get the most out of their lessons when dressed appropriately and have the correct shoes. Hair needs to be pulled out of their face and No jewelry.

All Ballet classes above Combo levels will need their hair in a bun.

* We are so lucky to have viewing mirrors in 2 of our dance rooms (and windows for the 3rd). During the first week or two of classes, however, the curtains may remain closed during our classes (especially for the littles) until everyone is comfortable with their new surroundings. Remember, they are new to us, we are new to them... for some they have never been in the building before. There are new people, new sights and A LOT of sounds... lets all give Grace during this time. We are used to taking little hands, we are used to tears and we are used to loving on them until they love on us. We will give ample time either in the beginning, or the end of their first little class for parents to take pictures to remember the moment.

On most other normal days, curtains will be opened at the end of class (sometimes a whole class) so parents can view their little ones. Please remember that on our side, if parents are right up on the glass, talking loudly, moving around, taking pictures, etc., it can feel much like the inside of a fishbowl.... and can be very distracting, and in some cases, uncomfortable for a child that is trying to learn something new. Please keep this in mind while trying to view a class.

** The first 2-3 weeks are an evaluation/placement period. In some cases, students will need to be moved to another class level due to technical ability. We want every child to be happy in the classes, yet challenged and physically able to participate without harm to their bodies. Teachers will alert the front office after each class if a student is not yet ready for the level or if they are fully prepared to be bumped to the next. Regardless, give your child a hug, a high five and tell them to do their best in each class so the teachers can see what their bodies can do!!

We will be sending out a Fall Newsletter at the end of next week. It will include all things GJDC !! Upcoming events, dance and performance opportunities, community events, merchandise and more!

Thank you for being a part of the GJDC Community!!

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Important Dates 2019

Classes Start: 9/9

Bring A Friend Week: 9/30-10/5

Halloween Costume Week: 10/24-10/30 Wear your costumes to class! *optional

Halloween: 10/31 - Studio CLOSED

Thanksgiving Holiday: 11/25-11/30 - Studio CLOSED

Colonial Heights Tree Lighting: 11/30 (Details TBA)

Colonial Heights Jaycees Christmas Parade: Tuesday, 12/3 - 7pm (No Regular Classes)

Winter Break: 12/23-1/4/2020

*The studio will be open for all other holidays/special days during this time in 2019.

*In the event of inclement weather, GJDC follows Colonial Heights City AND Chesterfield County school closings. We will post on all of our social media (FB, Twitter, IG) and send out a studio email by 11am of our status. We will also update on NBC12 online, Channel 8 and CBS6 when available. HOWEVER, in certain cases of one closing and not the other, we will best address the current situation and make a decision which best suits the safety of all involved.

*If schools cancel after school activities due to inclement weather and GJDC is already open, we may choose to remain open or close at an earlier time depending on the current situation. Parents must use their best judgement if classes continue and you need to venture out, depending on your location.

*Makeup classes are not available in the event of missed classes due to inclement weather.

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